Classic Albums: Some Girls by The Rolling Stones

Happy Dad’s day, I don’t think it’s world wide and only in Australia but you guys that are dad’s oversea can pretend too, OK? My dad was asking what he’s getting this year and if it was big? So he’s getting a blog post, not that he even looks at my blog because I say I’m blogging and he’s what the hell is that? Anyway The Rolling Stones seem like a great band for father’s day, my old man loves them too.

So if I was ask to pick just one Rolling Stones as my fave of all-time it would just have to be Some Girls. This was some what requested post by blogger at oliverstwist or well, just asked me that question just the other day and I didn’t answer then, maybe being a bit of an asshole or something but now I’ve wrote a whole blog post about it. Most likely the biggest band to be included in my list, so far.

This record called Some Girls is from the late 70’s and came out at a time when pretty much everyone think the Stones was past it with new music styles like Punk and Disco etc. No one care much about an old Rock band but to me it’s the greatest moment on record, I’ve listen to it way more that anything else they have done. I do dig the early Brain Jones more rocky Blues version of the band, maybe my dad fave part of the band or is it Mick Taylor early 70’s albums? I’ll have to ask him what his fave album is, maybe it’s just the greatest hits! They do some great hit singles but today I’m talking about this album from start to finish!

Ronnie Wood joined The Rolling Stones around this point, someone who after Mick and Kieth is who most people would think as a main man for the band is a pretty late comer to the party. I never dig The Faces much really, the band were he came from but Ronnie seem to give the Stones a big kick in the butt when he joined. Before they did slide into touring or nostalgic act like playing blues cover on the first new album in ten years last year but I guess they did start out in the 60’s covering old blues songs.

Some Girls is pure genius of an album, some call it the last great album by them released in mid 1978. So it’s just before the 80’s kick off which was a decade not very kind to this band but they did a few hits somehow! Anyway the Some Girls opener is one of their greatest hits ever with Miss You then following with When The Whip Comes Down, guess what that’s about? The great cover of the American soul group The Temptations and Motown legends’ Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) is an under rated jem, then the title track Some Girls and the perfect titled track Lies. Next up is what I would called the best single the Stones ever released but I doubt if everyone one else on the face of the earth would agree with me on that ridiculous pick, Far Away Eyes. Then three of four of next were released as singles at the time with Respectable, Beast Of Burden and Shattered to close the album but don’t think about skipping Before They Make Me Run because it didn’t get released as a single, it still a great track with the lead vocals by Keith as well. To me it’s just ten tracks of perfect rock n’ roll and yeah, my fave Stones album of all time. Which I don’t think anyone on earth will agree with me on this pick as well because of all the great stuff they did before this album but oh well, it’s just one person’s opinion sharing it on his blog now.

I was two years old when the record came so I have no memory of it at the time and I don’t remember my old folks owning this album, others yeah but not this one. When they started re-issuing all the albums in 2000’s/2010’s this in the one and only one I buy with the extras just to hear all the other stuff they recorded at this point. I think my fave bonus track is Jagger’s solo piano song called Petrol Blues but then the Country & Western covers of Tallahassee Lassie and You Win Again are amazing too, the songs behind their original C&W piss take with the girl with the…


Got to ask you readers now what is your fave Rolling Stones album? It not this one, is it? Or even if you wanna share just one/some of your fave track/s by them?

Some Girls track listing and times:

1. Miss You – 4:50
2. When The Whip Comes Down – 4:18
3. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) – 4:25
4. Some Girls – 4:40
5. Lies – 3:12
6. Far Away Eyes – 4:24
7. Respectable – 3:05
8. Before They Make Me Run – 3:26
9. Beast Of Burden – 4:24
10. Shattered – 3:43


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

Basically the idea is write a little about each of my fave albums but I don’t know why really I titled/tagged them all as classic albums? Please feel free to leave a reply about this one or any of them or all of them all, Thank you!



    1. Off course it is but then the Aussie Dep. PM is really a Kiwi too!
      I figure most wouldn’t agree with me on this call but it’s my own fave Stones album, I totally love it but I do enjoy Fingers and Exile too but not as much as Some Girls!
      I ask my dad today after posting this and then seeing him, he was saying they peaked mid-60’s and nothing is better than first couple of albums and he’s a Kiwi too and also he remind me he seen them on their first N.Z. tour in the 60’s too, now that’s pretty cool, hey?

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  1. Great choice! I’m amazed it isn’t in the 1001 albums book, it’s definitely one of their most famous and well-loved. I think my own favourite is Let it Bleed, because it has Gimme Shelter possibly the best song of all time, but Some Girls might be their most consistent. Every song is great, even that cover of the Temptations, which I prefer to the original!

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    1. Cheers mate! Yeah it’s pretty famous and well loved album and I hoping someone else might say they dig it too! I’ve gotta say Let it Bleed is totally great one too and cheers again 🙂

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  2. Good call. I think this is probably my favourite too. Still have my original vinyl copy bought when it came out way back when. Always loved Keith’s vocal on Before They Make Me Run. Album-wise also have a soft spot for the 1969 live album Get Yer YaYas Out! Cheers, Rob.

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  3. I love some girls too. The album and the titletrack! 🙂 May be that the time is over that such songs can be written and realised.

    But: Miss you is Disco-crap, lies and shattered are only fillers. Kind of wannabe-punk. The Album is not my favourite.

    The best I think that is done by the Stones is “black and blue”. The studioalbum before some girls. That was the point of testing new styles. But it was a time of crisis in the band. Promotionchaos and bad Reviews in the papers and on radiostations. Nick Taylor was fired and there are many options of names to replace him: Rory Gallagher. Roy Buchanan. Jeff Beck. … Jeff Beck was helping recording this record. He played on it. He came back from his Fusionjazzperiod with Stanley Clarke. There was a rumour at that time: Jeff will be the new member of the stones, but during the releasing process Ron Wood joint the band and goes on tour with them for “love you live”.
    They say Jeff and Mick Jagger are kind of best buddies, but Keith sees Jeff as an arrogant asshole. And Charly says: Exactly.

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    1. Man, i think you really need do your own fave albums or classic albums list posts too! It’s really is fun, picking out the one you love the best and writing a little about each, as you can tell?
      Anyway, I do like Stones’ Black & Blue album but love everything about Some Girls album! I guess it’s down personal taste, hey? But I’ll have another listen to Black & Blue album!
      I’m going to be doing a lot of posts of my fave albums from now for the rest of this year were so far I’ve not done much so it’s time to catch up now! love to know what you think about some or all of them and off course if you wanna check out the older albums/posts, go for it!
      I’ll go and check out your blog now, most likely follow you because you seem like a cool dude!
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. No. Its not bad to use this tool; the problem is: I love to write sometimes in idioms, because its more funny. But the idiom-words of berlinish or saxonish are unknown for the translator machine.

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