New Music: Self-titled by Jen Cloher + Live Gigs: Cloher @ Mojo’s

Well, surprise yet more Aussie music. I’m really enjoying this new album that’s been out for a few weeks now and the weekend just gone Jen was in my town to promo it so I’m going to write a little about both tonight. It’s been a couple of years since seeing Cloher live, can’t believe it’s been two years since the epic Patti Smith shows but then I was lucky seeing her on the debut Dead Wood Falls album tour too. So you could say I’m a bit of a fan for a long time, Jen hasn’t let me down yet because she just keeps getting better and better. This new self-titled album could be the best thing she done but I can never really tell with new albums, it’s getting hammered at the moment. I guess, I mean the true test of an album is if I keep returning again and again to listen to it over long time.

Off course, Courtney Barnett was playing lead guitar too, she came and stand next too me on my left for the last couple songs by the local support band called Rag N Bone. I was trying to think of something really smart to say to her but all I could came up with was “I love your songs!” which then figure everyone on earth love her songs so it’s nothing new plus she would get that all the time anyway. But she was really checking the support band, she most likely wouldn’t want some numb-skull talking while she watching a band because I know I wouldn’t. CB really wears her influences on her t-shirt like wearing classic 90’s Aussie band Smudge last night. Courtney cut sick with guitar solos and knee drops to feedback into her amp a few times too, not needing to do the singing she seem to be really enjoying just being the guitar player way too much. Maybe even a little more loud and nosily on stage than on the album. They’re a few of the songs that are about Barnett on the album and some when she off on tour and the like so it’s pretty funny she stand right next her on stage and now great they’re on tour together. Also on bass was Bones Sloane BTW that’s Bones in the video below and on drums was Jen Sholakis just like the record too. This album way more rock than her older stuff which is good thing, I think?

   Playing last night in Freo on the early Sunday night curfew, do other places in the world have such an early closing times/rules? Jen even commenting how bloody early is was, joking only playing on Sunday night in Freo from now on so she can knock off early. Playing almost all these new song last night plus three older tracks, see below. Minus the song called Loose Magic which just has to be a great one already because it’s all about the reunion of the 90’s Aussie band Dirty Three who’s one of my faves too. Jen perfectly some ups them in a pretty simple but cool song but it was missing from the set list. Not that was a bad thing maybe playing a song about watching another band playing live while your playing yourself isn’t the done thing. The set list was the rest of the new song and perfect live and was a totally great gig but I couldn’t believe Mojo’s wasn’t sold out, if Jen comes to your town go and see her she’s a totally wicked performer. It’s a great album, if haven’t had a listen yet please do!


OK, do you want more Jen? Here’s her past release In Blood Memory from 2013, which do you call it a mini-album or E.P. or something? Because it’s only got seven songs on it. I’ve included it because Jen opened last night with the last song which a beautiful love song more people should listen to called Hold My Hand. Jen then did Mount Beauty was about at the halfway point last night which just has to be my fave track of all and everything she wrote but this newbie might have some songs that could challenge that one. Then someone called Clancy request Name In Lights as the encore’s last and final song of the night. Jen asked her for her name, then asked if her parents were Banjo Paterson fan because of Clancy of the Overflow but her Mum was standing next to her laughing so loud but shaking her head, got out Nope just before the song started.

Great night and thank you Jen and your band for coming over west!


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