Playlist: My Mixtapes #24 TDK 100

So got to ask? Is anyone else confused about what I’m doing here? Not to repeat myself but it seems they are some confused about my mixtape project here for some readers or listeners? Also if your new here too! So once again just quickly, the idea is when I found an old box of cassette tapes, some were my very old mixtapes from a an earlier lifetime. Now I’m listening back to them and seeing if I could name all the tracks or find out someway because almost all don’t have any track listing and then see if all of them are online, youtube seems to have almost all but a small handful have been missing so far and then some I’ve seem to have totally forget the track/artist on a few or can’t figure it out. Does everyone, anyone who looking at this blog now know what I am doing?

Today is an insane mix, pure mixtape madness at the highest level. I do have to wonder what I was thinking at this time? On side A at one point it goes from a couple of less known Enya tracks to a shit load of Metallica, yeah I did loved both as a teenage. Then it’s the other way around on side B. Maybe I was always been totally mad? But did anyone else listen to both Enya and Metallica when you where a teenage too? At a guess it’s early 90’s mix, could have been made in 1991 or after but not before because both The Black Album and Shepherd Moons were out that year. Can I say? It’s not bad Metallica tracks picks here too. I’ve also got at the beginning a couple of soundtrack numbers by ex-Police then also at the end of side A couple of early electronica acts. Then finishing side B with a couple of Aussie classics from the 90’s and 80’s sandwiched in-between is one by an funny ex-Aussie footballer and ending with two much older classic rock songs from the 70’s and 50’s that everyone will know. So anyway that’s my little intro over today for my Tuesday night post, enjoy!

Side A:

#1. Stewart CopelandLurking Solo

#2. Stewart Copeland – Music Box 

#3. EnyaMiss Clare Remembers

#4. EnyaStorms In Africa

#5. MetallicaDamage Inc.

#6. MetallicaFade To Black

#7. MetallicaOrion

#8. Jean-Michel JarreOxygene IV 

#9. Jean-Michel Jarre Zoolookologie

#10. Tangerine Dream – White Eagle

Side B:

#1. Metallica – (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

#2. MetallicaTo Live Is Too Die 

#3. MetallicaThe Thing That Should Not Be

#4. MetallicaThe Unforgiven

#5. Metallica Battery 

#6. MetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium) 

#7. EnyaShepherd Moons

#8. Midnight OilBlue Sky Mine

#9. Mark “Jacko” JacksonI’m An Indi-Bloody-Vidual 

#10. Johnny FarnhamPressure Down 

#11. Lou ReedWalk On The Wild Side

#12. Bill Haley & His CometsRock Around The Clock 

So that was all over the shop but I still like all these tracks but did anyone else dig it?

When I google search Enya and Metallica together this is one image that comes up on top, both Enya’s Shepherd Moons and Metallica’s Master of Puppets albums, amazing because it’s perfect for today’s post!




  1. Seriously eclectic mix! Great fun! Loved inclusion of Stewart Copeland. Bookending him with Bill Haley reminded me that when I told my grandmother I was a fan of The Police she thought I meant the constabulary and wondered if they had a band – then she told me she had seen Bill Haley play live in 1956! I was seriously impressed particularly since she hated Sinatra, whom I adore! Musical taste, eh! Presume you saw the American version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and were amused at the Enya scene…!!!

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  2. Ah..I remember I had that Enya album, around the same time as watching a TV documentary series on the Celts…I think it was called ‘The Celts’. 😉 Lou Reed and Metallica’s Unforgiven good stuff for me too…and to finish off with Rock around the Clock is quite entertaining. Although I have all of The Police albums, listening to that Stewart Copeland didn’t do much for me, surprisingly. I’m sure I’ll find another of your mixtapes pretty awesome in future though.

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    1. Cheers for commenting on this one! My fingers are crossed hoping the next one will be a little better, OK? I guess, I was surprised how old it could be and having no rhyme or reason to it all!
      Thanks again Ronnie

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