Cover Versions: The Beach Boys’ Kokomo by Adam Green

I haven’t done a cover songs post for a little while now so here’s a great one. Now I don’t know if anyone else will call it a totally great song, it’s most likely filed under guilty pleasure or something like that but I really not care anymore about that rubbish. I remember this one so well, I even had the cassette tape of the soundtrack album when it first was out. It was 1988 and I was a kid then at the time living in tiny country town, I was try to figure out my age but I’ve just woke up and having finished my coffee plus I’ve never been good at maths. Also amazing to think now Twin Peaks came out the following year and pretty much change my life over night. Anyway after my 1001 albums book post the other day I’m re-visiting what I would could my fave Beach Boys song and this great cover too, sharing now on my Wednesday post. I still love this song but really wouldn’t have a clue about any other BB songs or albums in the 80’s, maybe someone can tell me if any thing else is wroth listening too?

Adam Green is formerly half of the band The Moldy Peaches who where a part of the Anti-folk music movement and had a few albums. Going solo in 2002 and Kokomo was the B-Side to the single Jessica from his second solo album Friends Of Mine in 2003. Side note Jessica kind-off about the pop singer Jessica Simpson too, great song!

So the very first video above to the original song by The Beach Boys I’ve came across is like watching the movie in just three mins. with just the Kokomo song playing because it all Tom Cruise edit together but if you want less Tom and some more The Beach Boys in the 80’s check out the one below, OK? I can’t remember the movie at all but it did also star the Aussie Bryan Brown too!

So now if you wanted to for some mad reason like me just want to listen to the whole soundtrack album of Cocktail movie here it is!

So when I try to play this soundtrack album on the green dot streaming thingy it didn’t play the first three song for some reason I don’t know? So I just had to find them so here they are on the red square one all hopefully working for you too.

OK, track number seven and track number nine is missing too so here they are all embedded in one spot, my blog post.

Now I know no one with even want to play these songs because they the most dated 80’s tracks you can find in one place but I’m like a dog with a bone sometimes. Plus now because I like to see the full track listing of the albums I’m blogging about here it is and the cover artwork of the soundtrack album with the very young Tom Cruise, I don’t know his age now but he must be an old bugger now if this was 1988!

Cocktail (Soundtrack) track listing and times:

1. Starship – Wild Again – 4:43
2. The Fabulous Thunderbirds – Powerful Stuff – 4:48
3. Robbie Nevil – Since When – 4:02
4. Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy – 4:48
5. The Georgia Satellites – Hippy Hippy Shake – 1:45
6. The Beach Boys – Kokomo – 3:34
7. John Cougar Mellencamp – The Georgia Satellites – 3:13
8. Ry Cooder – All Shook Up – 3:29
9. Preston Smith – Oh I Love You So – 2:42
10. Little Richard – Tutti Frutti – 2:23

Would you take a drink made by this man?

I’m reporting now I’m listening to a lot of older than this The Beach Boys right now like from 60’s/70’s and I might have revise my opinion that they are boring dorks and if they are really lucky I might be blogging more about them hopefully real very soon, OK?

So now I’ve got to ask all you lovely readers of this post, what is your all-time fave The Beach Boys song? Is it like my the first song heard as a little kid? If you’ll like to join in leave a reply below!


  1. Hmm…my favourite Beach Boys song would have to be “God Only Knows”, I think…I do quite like Tom Cruise though and I remember Bryan Brown from “The Thornbirds”!

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    1. Oh yeah, don’t get me wrong I quite like Tom too but Cocktail has to be far from his best work. I haven’t seen it for a very longtime but it looks like he wanted a Holiday and still make a movie at the same time and Bryan came along for the trip too!
      I’m planning to listen to Pet Sounds again in the next couple of days, God Only Knows is on that one, right?

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