Wicked Songs: My Pal by GOD + Cover Versions: GOD’s My Pal by Magic Dirt, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, The Drones, Violet Soho & Dinosaur Jr.

So yeah that’s just one old Aussie classic track and then five covers of the very same song by some greats acts, with three Aussies and two Americans in one spot. Nope, They’re not playing together at the same time but I wouldn’t mind to see that happen too. It’s just collection of the very song all here because I want it and can do that on my blog.

Continuing my little bit of a bio on the Aussie singer-songwriter Joel Silbersher for this Friday’s blog which kind-off started at the end the other day here. So way back in 1987 when Joel was just 15 he wrote recorded this now timeless Aussie classic. Four teenage mates started a band called GOD because who else would be that silly to called themselves that but it pretty much ended their young career before it even started but they when on until 1989 before calling it quits then.

In 2010 a double disc comp of everything that was recorded in those few years was released which off course I ran out and got. My Pal is the one they are remember for but the rest is well worth tracking down it you really like this one. Your going to have to figure that one yourself because after a quick search I couldn’t find it. Also the song could be found on the Tales of the Australian Underground comp album on disc two as the number 16 track too. On with all the covers!

Magic Dirt covered on the soundtrack to the 90’s Aussie film called Idiot Box:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy covered it live in the mid-2000’s, never officially released:

The Drones covered it with Joel Silbersher live at The Last Drinks At The Tote in 2010, never officially released:

Violet Soho covered it in on a 7″ single released in late 2009:

Dinosaur Jr. covered it with Joel Silbersher live at Croxton Park Hotel, only six months ago or something and yet again never officially released:

Now there could be even more covers of this epic song but those five are the best in my opinion. I hope you did enjoyed these!

The 7″ vinyl single black on orange simple cover artwork from 1987.


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