Playlist: My Mixtapes #25 TDK 90

Happy Monday morning mixtape for you!

Here’s one from mid to late 90’s or well what I can figure out it could be around that time? It’s got three older 70’s tracks too with mainly all 90’s stuff today, what else do I need to say? Intro quickly over yet again, just hit play and enjoy!

Side A:

Track #1: I Won’t Tell by Kim Salmon & The Surrealists

Track #2: The Hustle by Van McCoy

Track #3: Western Eyes by Portishead

Track #4: Rocket Ship by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Track #5: Song Two by Blur

Track #6: The Big Bamboozle by Barry Adamson 

Track #7: Trike by You Am I

Track #8: Bottle Of Red by The Blackeyed Susans

Track #9: After A Fashion by The Boys Next Door

Track #10: M.O.R. by Blur

Side B:

Track #1: Mr. Eddy Theme One by Barry Adamson

Track #2: End Of The Century by Blur

Track #3: Never Going To Give You Up by Barry White

Track #4: Jazz Devil by Barry Adamson

Track #5: Calling You by The Paradise Motel 

Track #6: German Girl by The Paradise Motel

Track #7: Derwent River Star by The Paradise Motel 

Track #8: Sparrow by Magic Dirt

Track #9: Rabbit With Fangs by Magic Dirt 

Track #10: Redhead by Magic Dirt

Now I think this one is a little better than the last one, what do you think? Is that a better one? So what did you like the best on that one?

Just to confirm again, all these where on a cassette tape. This is what this mixtape looks like when I picked it up and put it into the tape deck. Sorry for giving you no clue what is in this post but I have no idea what is going to be on it too! 


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