Live Gigs: The Drones 2016 Live Recordings @ The Triffid, Brisbane & PBS Radio, Melbourne

The Drones live @ The Triffid, Brisbane, 6th May 2016

Setlist: Private Execution, The Minotaur, Boredom, To Think That I Once Loved You, Then They Came For Me, I See Seaweed, Six Ways To Sunday, I Am The Supercargo.

The Drones live @ PBS Radio studio, Melbourne, 2nd February 2016

Setlist: I See Seaweed, Private Execution, Taman Shud, The Minotaur, The Miller’s Daughter.

+Bonus: Batpiss live @ PBS Radio studio, Melbourne, 4th February 2016

Setlist: The Store, Seed, Daredevil, Hollywood, The Great Equalizer.

OK, this Tueday’s morning post is just me continuing with posting/blogging everything on The Drones here on my blog. The setlist are almost the same song but it’s only a few months apart. It’s been like only two weeks since the last post or has it only been a few days but anyway I’m really dig these live recording from last year. So including them if you like them too and if you also missed it or just wanna listen again like myself here they both again. Two Soundcloud thingys are embedded above from something called live delay, even more Aussie live music can be found here too with over two hundred live recording there so check it out!

So that’s to finish today’s post with a video of song Taman Shud, if you wanna watch the very same song you just listened? Filmed on the very same day, just in case you wanna watch something and see inside PBS Radio studios or something? What do you prefer watch or listen? Anyway I hope you enjoyed it all like me!

The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard playing live last year!


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