Top Five: Farmer/Sheep Songs

Well, it’s my step-dad’s b’day today so happy day to him but not that he reads, looks at this thingy but you know it’s thought that count. Anyway he’s a sheep farmer and I when down to help him on Friday because he’s hurt his arm and can’t lift anything really, he’s got to wait until end of this week for an operation to fix it. Anyway after my mum married him years ago they kind-of lived down in the wheatbelt in Western Australia but not really, to hard to write about that now. They got a new place more recently closer to the city but if I’ve had anything to do with the farm, that’s just visiting it and not doing any real work on it. It’s just I’m just like Billy Crystal in City Stickers, that’s not a made-up comedy but a real life documentary of how much of a dickhead I am and how little I know about that. So here’s five tracks that I love and are Farmer/Sheep related, enjoy!

Farmer John by The Premiers 

Farmer In The City by Scott Walker

Fable Of The Brown Ape by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Sheep by Pink Floyd 

From A To H And Back Again by Sheep On Drugs

BTW My step-dad name is John making the first song title even more funny but he’s only got sons so lyrics made no sense. It’s an old 60’s song from a comp album called Nuggets which I talked about before and you might know yourself. Mid-90’s Scott Walker which I’ve got to write more about real soon, I dig it more than his 60’s/70’s early days. Mid-2000’s Cave with the only song I can think of his with a farmer in it. Most likely less fave Floyd era but out of all Walters written stuff Animals album is I would say his best. I was remind by myself with one of my mixtapes about the highly under rated band called Sheep On Drugs, kind-of industrial punk dance duo from London if you never heard of them? I’ve been listening to them a bit for them now for first time in years and years and I found my fave track by them again, would have to be From A To H And Back Again from 1993I don’t know the band  have had any dealings with real life sheep but they, that is sheep don’t any drug because after only one day of dealing with them they’re total mad and just do anything at any moment they what anyway.

So I’ve got to ask now dear readers, do have any great farming, farmers and sheep songs?

This is sheep and is doing what sheep does when you or even a farmer what them to do something else that they don’t really what to do!


  1. I love Mellencamp’s “Rain on the Scarecrow”… the guy knows how to write a hook. However, the politics of American agriculture? Too depressing to ponder.

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    1. I know I’m reply to a very old comment you made here but I forgot I wrote a whole blog post about Nirvana’s Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle for what would have been Kurt’s 50th b’day so if you wanna little look then, here it because you did say it’s a fave song or if not that’s cool?
      I’m just looking at my old posts today but have yourself a good Sunday!
      Cheers 🙂

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