1001 Albums Book: 1991

I’ve just finished the year 1981 the other day from this book so I’ve jumped another ten years forward to get to the 90’s now which seems I’ve listen way quicker, only taking five days. I started to listen to all these albums the very same day finishing but nominally listen something else for a few days before get back into doing it. Now I have listen to pretty much all these albums before minus four. I’ve made it pretty clear I totally love this decade on my blog so maybe that’s got something to do with it. Twenty something plus albums this time, I can’t be bothered to even count them all up. Let’s just get on with it now!

Note: this is the backwards order in the book, for some reason I when that way.

The Black Album by Metallica: The beginning of the end for them really, after the glory of their 80’s output the 90’s and beyond is just a fuck-up! What I mean is they couldn’t find out what to do next with this they leap frogging to a different style and next two or three and then re-treating to try and re-do the past on the last two albums but slowing down to a snails pace of output of new stuff so failing every time. This album is the most successful, well highest seller of all-time from them but I would say it’s one of the worst now because it’s where it all started to go wrong, maybe some would say the …And Justice For All album or could you track it right back to the the bus crash that kill Cliff? Now I do sometime enjoy and do throw it on because it was on my sixteen birthday when I seen them live on this tour but really support band Kyuss totally stole the show in my opinion. BTW Kyuss is missing from this book, unbelievably! My fave song on this album would have be, no doubt about it Don’t Tread On Me. 

Bandwagonesque by Teenage Fanclub: These guys played at the very first Big Day Out fest I when to but again I rarely listen to them now. It’s good to hear them again because it’s been a while since the last time I listen and on this one my fave has got to the track called What You Do To Me.

Screamadelica by Primal Scream: These guys played at the second Big Day Out fest I when to and I would call this album still a totally great one. I do know most of these albums from the book and can’t included all of them, so keeping my some what harsh culling system going here plus nothing is my first listen unlike some other years from this book. Out of a pile of English albums here for this year this is by far the best. OK, now as something different today because I know almost all these albums I’m just going to just name my fave song on each album so it’s just got to be Higher Than the Sun. Also my 1st reco album but if you really wanna listen your going to look it up yourself.

Blue Lines by Massive Attack: For me it’s just really down to the one song Unfinished Sympathy for this album. I think the later albums were much better than this one plus it was just a little over rated at the time and now does seemed all a little bit dated too.

The White Room by The KLF: This could just be one of the most epic pop albums of the 90’s or even of all-time now. I think I could write way more about this album and serious got to consisted it one of my faves of early 90’s. So my fave song has always been 3 AM Eternal but now because I’m gone all insomniac again. Also my 2nd reco album!

Achtung Baby by U2: Most likely it’s my second fave album of all-time by them. You know, my most fave one is totally missing from this book yet again but write about that one at a later date. My fave track is number seven The Fly which was the lead single but all the the other singles are now remember more than this one but have another listen. Also my 3rd reco album!

Spiderland by Slint: Fun fact about them number one: Original name of the band was Squirrel Bait before changing names. Fun fact about them number two: singer-songwriter Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy taken the album cover photo of the band. I couldn’t ever totally get into them but my fave track is the instrumental For Dinner.

Arise by Sepultura: Right, I’m naming this as the album of the year from all these in the book. I love my metal and this just has to be one of the best but I wouldn’t name it as the very best of album by them, once again that’s not in this book. The 90’s metal could be better than the 80’s or 70’s metal or is that just me again? And no one else thinks that? This Arise album is one of the most epic early 90’s metal records and totally destroys and puts that album with that black cover at the top of this of the post to shame. Start with Dead Embryonic Cells, then listen to the rest because it’s my 4th reco today also I’ve highlighted both albums in this book by this band!

Foxbase Alpha by Saint Etienne: Yet another over rated English album to me and the only good thing I can say about it is the re-working with the great Neil Young song, Only Love Can Break Your Heart.

Ten by Pearl Jam: Amazingly this is the one and only PJ album in this whole book and I can’t imaged no one on earth no hearing this album by now. Yet again it’s not my personal fave album by them but I totally agree it’s a great one. Now my fave song is track number five Black. Got to be my 5th reco today but you’ve all listen to it before, right?


The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest: I get to all the rap albums which are all grouped together almost. I’ve not listen to these guy for a long time and I’ve forgotten how cool and wicked they were, I think they had a comeback recently but I didn’t listen to that. One of two albums here in this book by them and I don’t know if it’s the only rap album I totally enjoy out of these yet but I’m reco this and say my fave track is Jazz (We’re Got), my 6th reco today.

Apocalypse 91 by Public Enemy: There’s three PE albums included in the book but the first I’ve listened to in my mixed up order. I’ve not listen this one in a very long time too and PE could be rapping/singing about America in 2017 not 1991. Maybe, not as great as the two albums before this one but Shut Em Down was my highlight back in the day and I’ve just got to have a listen to that again now.

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge by Mudhoney: Sandwiched in between all these rap albums is the second of two albums by these blokes in this book but I’m listening to this first. Also the second of three Seattle band this year, all three were labeled as grunge off course but listening to these together like this they are three different kinds of rock really. Anyway my fave track is Into The Drink.

   OG Original Gangster by Ice-T: I did think Body Count which T was the frontman or his rock band was better than any of his rap albums and their debut album which came out the next year in 92 is way more important say in all the rap/rock crossovers of the 90’s but that’s missing from the book, the band do guest feature on OG album. So listened to that and this back to back but both are a little bit dated now. It was good listening to both of them again I’m going to have pick out the track called Body Count a song which was original on OG album. My two cents about the song Cop Killer now! Missing from both albums because it’s banned from being on any album but I’ve to ask if cops can still in 2017 shot people dead with no reason just because they have a gun in their hands or whatever so why can’t we as listeners be able listen to that great song on an album?

Blood Sugar Sex Magic by Red Hot Chili Peppers: I do love them well, only sometimes but my fave track has always been Suck My Kiss, John Frusciante was my fave Pepper and his guitar solo on it is fuckin’ bonkers. I would rated his solo albums higher than the bands records too but off course the band sell way more than his solo stuff.

Rising Above Bedlam by Jah Wobble: The next four I don’t recall listening to before. If you know his name but can’t place him, he’s the other guy with Johnny in Public Image Ltd. I guess, it’s OK.

Qui Seme Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo by MC Solaar: French rap now which not heard before and it’s pretty wicked cool not that I understand a single word sung/rapped.

Step In The Area by Gang Starr: I don’t remember this rap album like the ones earlier but might have heard it before not that I remember it but not quite as great as the others listed here.

Peggy Suicide by Julian Cope: Yet again for the fourth time something new to me, I do know his name from somewhere but don’t recalling listening to him but it’s no great lost.

Self-tilted by Cypress Hill: The last rap album of this year and could be the biggest here in Australia, Aussies loved this group and they got hammered back in the day. I remember people who hated rap music but listened to them and then loved them. So my fave track is called The Funky Cypress Hill Shit and just got to be my 7th reco today.

Woodface by Crowded House: Kiwi singer-songwriter join by his brother and the Aussie drum and bass players, recorded in Melbourne as the one and only Kiwi/Aussie album of this year included here in this book. I love the earlier CH albums and didn’t dig this one as much as everyone else does, because it seems this is the one everyone still talks about. Listening again it’s pretty great and got to be my 8th reco and I’m going to say have a listen to non-single, my fave track Whispers and Moans.

Nevermind by Nirvana: The album that transformed the mainstream. You must be living on Mars for the last 25 years or something if you’ve not heard this album yet. Lately I’ve been digging the track Something In The Way but I guess for years my fave from this album would be Lithium so here’s both as the last two tracks on today’s post, if you want to listen to it too? Off course it’s my 9th reco but everyone listen already to it, right?

Loveless by My Bloody Valentine: The second MBV album I came across in this book, I never liked them and my least liked album of this pile of records from 1991 or do I say it’s just not my thing plus I’m not even going to pick a song from this album.

So that’s all 1991’s albums in the book and a little of what I’ve got to say about them after listening. Now got to ask you readers again, what’s your fave 91 album/s? Here above or is it not in this book?

These blokes from Brazil grabbed my fave album from 1991 from all the albums in this book.



  1. Hey William, agree with you on the Crowded House and U2 picks. Actually Achtung Baby was one of my favorite tapes from back in the day. I love ‘The Fly’ too. I didn’t really get into much of the other U2 stuff – but I really loved that album. I regret not going to see U2 playing with BB King when I was in high school. I also love the Crowded House album. Have nearly all of their albums actually. Neil Finn’s song in the first Hobbit movie was excellent too.
    Anyway, thanks for making me think back, and forward. Will give some of these a re-listen, and reflect on the past too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another vintage year! Iove My Bloody Valentine but maybe you had to be there! Primal Scream were utterly shambolic live – I saw them play 32 minutes once and they just staggered off stage. I was gone off U2 completely by the time this came out. I did NOT love their Fat Elvis on Heroin in Berlin style. Mudhoney –
    well I saw a lot of the grunge acts live – my era!!! Loved Teenage Fanclub. Wound up standing in the crowd with Norman as Nirvana played – they were the support act last couple of times I saw them. And Nirvana. Well you know music died for some of us with Kurt …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, funny to think mbv were total shit when I seen them live but PS were bloody wicked and on fire in the Aussie summer sun!
      I totally loved the fat Elvis on Heroin in Berlin U2, just have one guess what my fave album by them is? clue starts with Z!
      Both Teenage Fanclub, Mudhoney played @ two different The Big Day Out fest here but I just don’t listen anymore to them also I never hung out with any of them, you know? Lucky you!
      Nirvana was playing @ the year before my 1st time going to BDO but canceled Perth because, fun fact: the day Nevermind hit number 1 in USA they were booked to play here but they canned the rest of the Aussie tour to go home!
      Cheers again Elaine 🙂


  3. 1991 was a phenomenal year for music. Some great, great albums released that year. And I’m not even including Nevermind. Screamadelica and Bandwagoneque were a couple of my faves.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A Tribe Called Quest – I find their music pretty timeless and yeah… great stuff.

    I always felt like I should have like Slint more, but they never captured my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t listened to it yet… I am not even in the game when it comes to this year’s releases. But the first few months of 2018 will be sparse. I’ll catch up.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Weird to think of ‘Metallica’ and ‘Nevermind’ coming out in the same year (and ‘Screamadelica’ and ‘The White Room’). In some ways ‘Nevermind”s fast thrashy garage sound is more akin, at least in spirit, to the Cliff Burton era of Metallica.

    I think ‘Loveless’ is great, ‘Soon’ is the peak for me.

    I’ve not really cut the book up by year yet (I’ve written about decades, though), but as I get further and further through the project and find fewer and fewer ways of dividing the list up, maybe this is one of the things I’ll try too.

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