Cover Versions: Kim Salmon’s Solid Gold Hell, Intense & I Fell by Gareth Liddard, Mick Harvey & Brian Hooper

So that’s three, three, three live preforms of Salmon’s songs by those three, three, three blokes together on the one stage, one night just be clear. After my earlier somewhat mystery post today of new releases by two of those guys. My second post has two of the guys from that post and adding two more to the deal. I remember the three of them performed at a Kim Salmon tribute or what they called a living legend night back in 2014 and somehow now I’ve found three videos of the gig. It’s just like pulling rabbits from top hats but the internet is wonderful for stuff like this! Even found the playing times of everyone preforming on the very same night. Gareth Liddard, Mick Harvey & Brian Hooper had something like 45 mins. on stage taken more than given. In Collingwood, Melbourne @ The Tote Hotel on Friday the 11th of June/July 2014.

All tracks written by Kim Salmon, off course but if your wonder where and when the originals were done, well I’m going to tell you now! Lucky you, if your not a big fan of his work or if you are? I’ve got it in order of those original releases and not the setlist on that night. First is Solid Gold Hell from Kim’s early band the Scientists from around early-80’s called Blood Red River. In the middle song called Intense which was a song from after Scientists called it quits and from the first Kim Salmon & The Surrealists album called Hit Me With The Surreal Feel from 1988. At the end is I Fell from 1993 Kim Salmon & The Surrealists album called Sin Factory. Brian Henry Hooper joined Kim in The Surrealists at that time too.

Do I need to tell you who everyone are in these videos? Gareth is from The Drones plus he’s got one solo album and very new band called Tropical Fuck Storm. Mick is ex-The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party etc. has got solo albums and soundtracks under his name. Brain has got a few solo albums under his name also played bass with Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Rowland S. Howard’s solo band and Beasts Of Bordon. So enjoy!

Yeah, back just 2014 all these acts played Kim Salmon songs all night and cost only $25!

OK, I’ve just checked Kim’s bandcamp page and has two of three albums are there so now they’re here and I might as well included the classic early 90’s promo video chip for I Fell at the end of the post. So enjoy yet again!


So who dug all those then?


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