Shall Be Released: What Would I Know? by Brian Henry Hooper & Gareth Liddard + Bong Odyssey by Gareth Liddiard & Rui Pereira

I did read about these two up coming releases yesterday but nothing has changed today. So because there is so little info about them it might be totally pointless blogging until something more is said about it. Not that’s really going to stop me now, maybe this post is just me bitching and moaning, wanting to know more about them? Both albums sounds fuckin’ great to me but this really this is it, cutting and paste from the label’s facebook page:

BRIAN HENRY HOOPER (The Beasts of Bourbon) with GARETH LIDDIARD (The Drones) “What would I know?”, LP
Can you imagine a new album from BRIAN HENRY HOOPER (The Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, Rowland S. Howard) with GARETH LIDDIARD of The Drones? And what does it sound like? Picture Syd Barrett lost in Australia and you got it! Warning: Not for newies. You need to truly listen to it a few times and them you will desperately love this album!

What was before THE DRONES and even before THE GUTTERVILLE SPLENDOUR SIX? This!!!! Gareth Liddiard and Rui Pereira seeding the seed of noise and distortion in 1994 in this project which recorded this never before released brutal album of what is 100% THE DRONES sound!

Now Brain hasn’t had a new album since 2010 so I’ve linked it here just below, if you wanna hear it like I did after hearing this good news. It sounds like pure genius putting these two guys in a recording studio together and can’t wait to listen to the final results.

Bong Odyssey sounds bloody great too and I want it like right NOW! but I guess, it with be released sooner or later? It’s been sitting around somewhere since 1994 anyway no date or time frame is given on facebook just saying forthcoming releases so who knows? It does say orders @ but when you go there I can’t even find these records at all! I guess, they will update it at some point?

So no clue about track listing, album artwork or anything else is given and looking at Gareth’s new band Tropical Fuck Storm pages has even less about these releases and looking for Brain, the top hit I get is his old myspace page WTF! Come on guys stop being cock teasers and if are releasing it let us know what and when a little bit better, please!

Both these of these records are released with a pile of others like Rowland S. Howard, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Hugo Race, Beasts of Bourbon. Now you would looking at this list it’s an Aussie label but it’s a label from Spain, you know? It’s called itself Bang Records and they mean records too like vinyl, LP. Now Brain’s older one have been issued by them before but other labels have issued the CD and digital formats because Bang is pretty much dead against anything else, I think over the years they have done some CD’s. Thinking your getting a code card to download the songs with these your going to be very wrong. Unless they have had big change of heart, nothing released by them I’ve got over the years have had them. Some do that and some labels don’t but the records I’ve got are totally perfect, I can’t complain at all. I can’t wait for these new ones too.

Why not? Here’s the promo video clip from that Hooper last album too.

Anyway I might go now and write something else, stay turn for more today. I might go for, beat my own world record of blog posts in one day!

Brian looking down at something? Maybe the release date of his new album?

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