Wicked Songs: 4 Tracks from The Gutterville Splendour Six Mini-Album

Well, it’s almost all the songs but missing two. I think I might as well say something about The Gutterville Splendour Six now. Blogging about them all in just one post for them and finishing three posts in one morning. If you’ve never heard of them it’s because your not as obsessive, compulsive about everything The Drones related as I am.

The Gutterville Splendour Six shouldn’t just be a side note to that bigger band now. They were a fuckin’ epic band in their day. They were a Perth band in the mid-90’s which at one point with a lot of line-up changes had both Gareth Liddiard and Rui Pereira who when on to form The Drones together. Both were just the guitar or bass players and Gaz didn’t sing back then. A couple of years ago they did have a reunion down in Freo with the final line-up without Gaz and Rui and it was a wicked gig too, so great to hear the songs played live again. Bang records a few years back issued a double gatefold vinyl of the Liddiard and Pereira line-up recording which was bloody great too.

Searching these guys now, you find almost nothing about them. Remember a time when the internet was a pasting fad? Anyway Maurice Flavel, the main man and singer now runs a vinyl record shop in Perth and still plays local gigs with his new band called Intensive Care. He never didn’t leave Perth for the eastern states or oversea like a lot of people do here. Maurice Favel shop is called Noise Pollution Records in Northbridge, Perth, Western Australia and can be found here at this link.

Others members of this band included guys who when on to form yet another band from W.A. called The Kill Devil Hills. Who was pretty much most playing at that reunion a couple of years back too. I’ve got to write about them sooner or later here on my blog but you could google them if you really want more right now.

To finish this Tuesday and my third post this morning here are all the tracks on YouTube. All these songs were the ones originally on the self-titled mini-album and/or EP released back in the late 90’s very early 2000’s, it was the one and only thing at the time put out by them. I’ve got the order as it was on that and you’ve got to turn it up as loud as you can now and enjoy them now!

Track #1. Unzip The Monkey

Track #2. The Woman Flows

Track #3. Other Side Of Love

Track #4. Killing Hand and Track #5. No Song Of Joy both are missing from youtube, oh well.

Track #5. Remember Me Kindly

So that makes three posts all in just one morning but now I’ve got to go and do something else, I promise I’ll write about something else next time!

Pretty much the one and only photo of The Gutterville Splendour Six, Gareth is the only one with a smile in the photo, he’s way shorter than everyone else for some reason? Maurice is standing behind him and Rui is on the far left side. With two other members, sorry who the hell are them again?



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