Magazines: Rolling Stone Magazine

I see this magazine is up for sell? You know the whole magazine company! Now I wouldn’t pay good money for it but I do have half a bag of almonds left, that I’ve been eating today? You can have that, that’s a fair trade, I think? But you better be quick because I could finish them off pretty soon, you know?

Something different today, maybe a post intro a new set of blogs but maybe just a one off thingy today. I dislike this magazine for so long I can’t remember when I didn’t like it. It just promotes everything shitty about music like on Wikipedia site it has the pic of The Voice judges on the cover as the main image, fuck off! I can’t believe people buy this stuff? So after saying all that here’s a post about when I payed my good money to buy this crappy magazine and the reason why? If there was any, if anyone is interested? God knows?


The last time was off course when Nick was on the Aussie cover in 2013 around Push The Sky Away album plus he was interviewed by Henry Rollins too, it was cool reading but the rest, fuck me! 50 greatest hip-hop was a waste of time, then Tony Abbott was P.M. and his own party kicked him out as leader.


 Gurrumul rarely ever did interviews, hardly spoken English too so I just had buy it in 2011 when he talked to them in the Aussie version of the mag. I think, if I remember right they did the biggest ever story about The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard but it was solo tour with Dan Kelly they were doing at the time, cool write-up but since since it’s just tit bits about them in RS.


 Yet another Cave cover but guess what? This was the first time the Aussie RS put him on the cover as the main image? 50 greatest singers was a wasted of paper and guess what? Cave wasn’t in the list! This was start of 2009 when he was doing the Aussie ATP fest down under and his album Dig, Lazarus, Dig! was put out the year before. In Australia you can get the Yank one too so it’s a little confusing which one I got but most of this it was just all the same stuff in both.


2006 Bobby was on the cover because of his then new album Modern Times, maybe his last good one and even seen his tour that time.


Meg and Jack back in 2005 together and the album Get Behind Me Satan would be my fave by them thinking about that now, if you wanna know?


When Johnny passed away in 2003 I got this one. Do I need to type anymore why?


Bobby in 2001 was on the cover because of his then new album Love And Theft, I liked that one too and seen him live that time around too.


Kidman and Stanley Kubrick 1999 movie was disappointing, so was NIN new album, Limp Bizkit, South Park got very boring very quickly and I wouldn’t have care about Santana or Petty too. So Missy Elliott might be the best thing here, maybe?


When Trent and David were together in it in 1997 for the movie Lost Hwy. My sister remind me just the other day of what I said after first seeing it on the big screen at a late night screening just down the road so I walk but after I hid behind every bush, wall etc. every time a car drives by.


The future of rock in 1995 with the next generation staring Beastie Boys, The Breeders, Liz Phair and Nick Cave. Yet another Aussie version of the mag.


Do I admit I got this one? Or will I lose all creditably? Issue out in 1994. I even had a Melrose Place t-shirt too and wear it everywhere but people would look at me like I was a nut case. Your joking some would say or something like that but I just start talking non-stop about want happen the last week on the show. The Breeders again too!


When Kurt passed away in 1994 I got this one. Do I need to type anymore why?


Pearl Jam in 1993, the following year was when they toured Oz for the first time and Vitalogy still to this day is my fave album by them. Plus The Breeders yet again and listed before everything else.


Cindy Crawford soft-porn was on a cover in 1993 but if I’m right it’s when Cave was in Brazil too, he half naked too even was wearing a bra at one point or was that in another issue? Oh, it had no pain, no gain interview with Henry Rollins as some odd kind-of juxtaposition.


In 1991 Depp was on the cover so just after Edward Scissorhands which could be one of his best movies. Cave and all about his debut novel And The Ass Saw The Angel which is his best book ever plus Vanilla Ice.


When Twin Peaks’ Donna, Audrey, Shelly not real names were on it in 1990 and funny to think this was the first RS mag I got.

I don’t think I got it before that one and didn’t missed any but I’m totally bored by this blog post now. I think it’s a good note finish on but I guess I admit to buying the silly mag, looks like I got it once every year or two. I guess, it’s interesting and shows me as a consumer buy rubbish I don’t need at all. Amazing it’s still going in this day and age. Some what just a gossip mag really and I kind-of wonder why it’s consisted so important. Sorry, there is no real music today to play on this post but maybe that’s fitting because RS was never really about music. That’s it from my Wednesday just got dark here post.

Anyone out there wanna say something about Rolling Stone mag or share something about it with us now? Do you buy it? Did buy it or after that post you don’t wanna get into it will me at all?


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