Wicked Songs: Dirty Cabbage by Hoss

Top two hits when searching Dirty Cabbage on the internet are:


Minutes to Prepare: 15
Minutes to Cook: 30


14 oz lean ground beef
1 small head of cabbage
5 medium potatoes
2-3 cups of both
1 package gravy mix


-Peel potatoes
-Cut cabbage in 2 inch cubes
– brown ground beef
– add broth to browned ground beef
– add potatoes and cabbag
– cook until potatoes are done
– add one package of gravy mix
stir and you are done

Number of Servings: 6

Nope, this is not a cooking blog if found it like that but that sound like it would be awful to eat!


A teenager that always shows up thinking he’s the shit when in reality no one likes him. He is the type of guy that will take advantage of a drunk girl and have his dick shit on.

Q: Have you met the dirty cabbage?
A: Oh you mean the most hated man in high school?

OK, maybe more like what this song is about. Who remembers the couple of blog post about Joel Silbersher and then his teenage band called GOD I did a two or three weeks ago now? They’re linked above if you need reminding again. Anyway Hoss could be the less remembered old band of his, just for the fact so little is online about them. God knows what people will think of my write-up about them, if and when they come across it? If looking for this band called Hoss.

When the band GOD fell apart it didn’t take long before Joel started Hoss, his longest running band too. From 1990 to 1998 they had five albums in that time and some what broke up in early 2000’s but still play the odd gig. My fave would be the fourth and 1995’s Everyday Lies album. The other members of the Hoss line-up on Lies were bass by Scott Bailey, drums by Michael Glenn, guitar by Jimmy Sfetsos.

Dirty Cabbage was half point at track number five out of ten. With my other highlights from that album included The Bullshit Never Ends at track number three because, well does the BS ever end? Crush A New Snail is the most epic opening track. Then at eight The Wind Cries Manny is greatest Hendrix piss taken ever or should say tribute? Both! Do wonder if Bill Bailey who played Manny on the English Black Books TV show in early 2000’s ever heard that song? Most like not, he’s the only well known person with the name of Manny I can think of. It’s a sad and beautiful song more people should listen too. Hoss don’t have a bandcamp page and there are a few more videos for songs on youtube and I don’t if they’re on iTunes or the like?

   Write about those songs maybe I should be included the whole album in my fave album list but I’m saving something even more special for that, OK? So coming soon to this blog is my fave Silbersher album of all-time, does anyone wanna have a guess or just wait and see what is it?

This what a cabbage looks like, if are looking for one in the supermarket because you really wanna make that Dirty Cabbage recipe at the top of the post now, let me know if do and is as bad as it sounds?

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