Cover Versions: The Nation Blue’s Mansion Family by Tropical Fuck Storm

OK, double posting today because you can listen to this online and my 7″ single came in the snail mail. If you don’t know this song here it is on bandcamp, track number 14 or second last song but you might as well listen to the whole album called Black/Blue now but it’s a double album so don’t forget to check out the Blue part too.

The Nation Blue‘s main man and singer-songwriter Tom Lyngcoln has two or three bands, Harmony is one linked here. Pale Heads is another one also linked here and am I forgetting any others?

Plus the TFS promo video for Chameleon Paint is out and on youtube today tooooo!

Enjoy again and again. 🙂

New photo of the TFS band and they’re standing a park wearing silly cool out-fits this time!

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