Cover Versions: Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaVelle’s You Missed My Heart by Phoebe Bridgers

That’s a song original for Sun Kil Moon and The Album Leaf collaborative album from 2013 called Perils From The Sea, sometime listed as Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaVelle or Sun Kil Moon and The Album Leaf, for some reason? Sung by 22 year old Phoebe Bridgers from her new album, second last song before reprising an earlier track for 30 secs. before finishing the album off and she totally making it her own. I love this song, maybe could be my fave from that album back 2013.

After this year will Mark releasing one double album by Sun Kil Moon, one new collaborative album with Justin Broadrick’s Jesu and one new collaborative album with Sean Yeaton of Parquet Courts with an album called Yellow Kitchen, the most disappointing one so far this year. Plus yet another new album is coming out next month, this this collaborative album Ben Boye who’s worked with Mark on those first two albums of this year but in the past worked with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Joshua Abrams, Ryley Walker etc. and Jim White of Xylouris White, Dirty Three etc. which at this point with four albums already out this is getting silly now. Mark’s turned 50 this year and think everyone whats to hear him sing about… I’m not saying his name here on my blog but clues are a guy with red hair and or comb-over or is it a wig? Both! He twitter’s way too much for his own good and oh yeah, he’s leading a country who’s pretty power I’ve been told which is were Kozelek lives!

The latest version of this, Mark sing in the POV of a house cat and this cat don’t give a fuck about that bloke! I’ve got to ask if this cat don’t care Mark, why is the cat even singing about him? I guess it’s a funny song, if wanna hear that song it’s linked here. I should count up all the tracks that bloke co-stars in his songs but I know for a fact he never sung once about Barack Obama! Only time he’s come close to that was holding up a Time magazine cover with Barack Obama on the cover in a promo video for a song called Daffodils from that Sean Yeaton album, that in the link which a lot things get held up by Mark like Bill Clinton book too. I guess his books? Another new song about a dream he had about Elliott Smith being still alive and joining him on tour which is a bit better and I like it more than the other one and can be found here, if you’ll like to listen. BTW Mark covered a Elliott Smith song last year, that’s linked here too. Rant over!

So I guess, this my some what every few months annual Sun Kil Moon blog post, I love this guy but some of his stuff this year he’s been singing about is total rubbish. Anyway Phoebe Bridgers cover remind me of how a great a songwriter he is when he didn’t just write songs about complete shit. From Bridgers’ debut album called Stranger In The Alps which was out on last week on September 22, 2017. Here is the whole thing if you wanna listen to the whole thing now? I’ve just finishing listening to it right now and it’s so beautiful.

Now here’s the one from Perils From The Sea album.

You Missed My Heart lyrics:

Broke into her house. Saw her sittin’ there,
Drinking coke and whiskey in her bra and underwear.
Saw him in the kitchen, hangin’ up the phone.
I asked him nicely please to pack his things and go.

He gave her a firm, reassuring look that said he wouldn’t leave.
But I asked him once again and this time pulled out my shiv.
I struck him in the back and I pulled it out slow
And I watched him fall down,
And as the morning sun rose,
He looked at me and said:

“You missed my heart.
You missed my heart.
You got me good. I knew you would.
But you missed my heart.
You missed my heart.”
Were his last words before he died.

Looking out the window, up at the blue sky,
Listening to her scream, listening to her cry.
A feeling of relief came over my soul.
I couldn’t take it any longer and I lost control.

I chased her up the stairs
And I pinned her to the ground,
And underneath her whimpering,
I could hear the sirens sound.
I rattled off a list of everything I missed
Like going to the movies with her
And the way she kissed me.
Driving into Wheeling and showing her off.
Backyard barbecues and reunions in the park.
I said I loved her skin and she started laughing
And while I clenched down on her wrist
She said “That’s quite a list,
But there’s one thing you missed.

You missed my heart, you missed my heart
That’s quite a list, but what you really missed,
You missed my heart, you missed my heart
That’s quite a list, but what you really missed.”

Running through the parking lot
Running through the fields
Policemen on my back
Something hit my skull and cracked

They dragged me off to jail, set a million dollar bail
Where I tried to tie a noose, but I failed and I broke loose
Racing through the prison yard,
Shot down by a tower guard
He got me in the shins
And he got me in the arms

They strapped me in the gurney
Took me to the infirmary
Where the priest read my last rights
And just before, everything went dark

I said:
“He missed my heart, he missed my heart
And just before, my world went dark,
I said he missed my heart, he missed my heart
And just before, everything went dark.”

The most poetic dream came flowing like the sea
Lay in there my life, but draining out of me
A childhood scene then, sky moon beams,
Fishing with my friends sitting in the wild lands

Watching the Ohio river flow at night
Waiting for the bullhead catfishes to bite
Downriver from the Moundsville prison graveyards

Downriver from the Moundsville prison graveyards

Downriver from the Moundsville prison graveyards

Downriver from the Moundsville prison graveyards

It’s not Mark Kozelek, you know? It’s Phoebe Bridgers!

Who dug that then?



  1. I’ve tried many times with Mark and his many iterations and I’ve realized that he’s not for me. However, I just recently discovered Miss Bridgers and think she’s definitely worth another listen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair call, if he not ever been for you but it’s only been this year he became a bit much for me. I think I was saying in an older post he’s just not editing anything anymore so everything ends recorded and then released. Which fine if he can do that but ended up more filler than killer for me.
      Anyway like you just said Miss Bridgers’ definitely worth another listen, she wicked cool!
      Cheers again 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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