Wicked Songs: Harry Was A Bad Bugger + A Man In Conflict With Nature by Tex, Don & Charlie

That’s just two tracks by three blokes you might know? Just going under only their first names as one act, just to be clear. So I’ve seen them play live over the weekend just gone and these two songs were highlights from the show but I wanna write more about it all real soon. Call it a little intro post before that coming soon one. If you’ve never heard them? Or if you have? Maybe, you’ve just seen them live? Because this gig here is one of the last of this tour.

The opening verse in the lead single/video for the new album these underground Aussie legends, Tex sung about a gambler riding the public train and getting a tip about horse race and then it comes in so he buy sushi and three hookers but spent it all so he not got any for a taxi home after the end of the night. It’s quite a way to promo your new album but I guess music business is just like gambling?

A Man In Conflict With Nature is a interesting new song. Sung by Tex and now three and half decades since the debut album or something like that by these guys. Before this new one called You Don’t Know Lonely was an album named All Is Forgiven from about ten years ago and the highlight was Don’s epic tale Harry Was A Bad Bugger, sung by Don this time.

Is this the most Aussie song I’ve ever blogged about? Maybe, someone a oversea reader can tell me if it loses all power because of that fact? At the gig when they play it a bloke standing so close to me wouldn’t stop screaming “Shackled to a fridge!” I guess, it like an Aussie mobster film but it’s song and all the location’s are on the east coast here.

If you still can’t place them? Or do here’s my quick run down about them. Tex is the man Tex Perkins who’s front man to Aussie greats band like Beasts Of Bourbon, The Cruel Sea, Thug, I will be writing about all these bands sooner or later. few solo albums too and he had another pretty good rock n’ roll band/album called The Ape from 2013. Don’s name is Don Walker is most well known for the Aussie band with Jimmy Barnes up the front but Walker wrote a lot of the songs for Cold Chisel and plays the piano also his great solo albums, yet again I might have write about one of his solo album sooner or later. Charlie is Charlie Owen the guitar player, who before this new one with these blokes he did a Paul Kelly one a year or two ago now, played on all Tex solo albums too and later line-ups of both the Beasts Of Bordon and the Divinyls plus pops-up on huge amount of Aussie records over the years too. In Tex, Don & Charlie act both Tex and Don take turns in singing songs and some together too, above I have one each. All three artists have most likely popped up in my older blog posts but here’s one just for them as this trio now with more to follow. This was going to be short but it’s getting a bit longer than planned.

 BTW That’s the very brand new album called You Don’t Know Lonely which I’ve only listen to once, so far but I linked it here if anyone out there wants to listen to the whole thing now before that coming post but I seem to be saying they’re more than just one, a few more posts are coming now!

Laughing men from left to right Don, Tex and Charlie.

 Who dug that then?


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