1001 Albums Book: 2001

Well, I’ve got it all listened to now. If you wanna know? After my own two picks, well three from this year, I’ve got three more of my fave albums that year of music by me coming sometime soon-ish that I love better than these ones below. I’ve listen about half these ones before or remember doing so, somehow missed some at the time or whatever but do know names for somewhere maybe I have heard them? Only ten or something, this time so anyway intro over!

Bright Flight by Silver Jews: Not one of the acts I’ve really got into from the cool indie U.S. label Drag City. Sorry, I couldn’t ever get into them and listening again it’s still not happening.

Vespertine by Björk: First of two albums I’ve already written about pretty please visit that link if you wanna look/read more about it by me. 1st reco today but here’s my fave track from it and is Unison.

Gold by Ryan Adams: He’s the artist more known to be linked with 9/11, just look at the upside down/distress American flag album cover but with the video clip for his NY song too.

He’s not got a song sung about NY city cops being ain’t too smart and having to quickly drop it for the album after those attacks. To me Stokes song it’s just another song in a very long line of anti-cops songs really, it might as well be whatever city/town cops your from but it’s just where they are from. I almost like all Ryan covers he’s done but can’t ever get into his own songs, sorry dude.

Is This It by The Stokes: Second of two albums I’ve already written about pretty please visit that link if you wanna look/read more about it by me. 2nd reco today but here’s my fave track from it and is Last Nite.

Time (The Revelator) by Gillian Welsh: After the hyped up last album, I’ve not talking the media hype around the act but the act playing hyped up rock. If that was all up then Gillian is all down, really you or I couldn’t anymore more lower down than this. I do like some sad songs you might have notices on my blog but didn’t dig this much. Everything Is Free is the best song here because I think the title is funny and then lyrics are cool. I couldn’t never, ever get into her too and I can’t apologize to everyone but she and them above are good albums but just not my thing, OK?

La Revancha Del Tango by Gotan Project: It’s Tango music with electronic dance music, to me it’s a bit of a novelty album. Like any music like say some forgotten rap/rock thing in 90’s. You know it’s like take two style of music that would normally go together but somehow they do. Like why not pick any other mash-up songs/albums too? It’s been done before so I don’t know why this one is included? Pointless! Worst album of this year in the book.

White Blood Cells by The White Stripes: Not my most fave WS album but it’s a great one but do enjoy all the albums, some more than others but I think this one would be maybe third depending. It wins out as the feature image because I don’t wanna use the same image twice as the main pic. 3rd reco by me today but here’s my fave track from it and is Aluminum.

The Blueprint by Jay-Z: The fact it was released on the day of those terror attacks and by New York city’s most famous rapper is intense but with songs like Girls, Girls, Girls and Momma Loves Me etc. it’s a bit lame and I didn’t dig it plus I like his older stuff better which shit on this.

Nothing that one like say NYC’s Like a Graveyard by The Moldy Peaches from the self-titled album, NOT in this book. Which was recorded before 9/11 but also released the very same day too. Have a listen and see if it don’t perfectly some it all up?


Melody A.M. by Röyksopp: This is like a trip-y, beat-y kind-of album that was done a million times in the 90’s so maybe they were a hit because everyone caught up, according to the book one of big sellers of the year. I didn’t notice it was on after a little while so can’t name a track I liked.

Southern Rock Opera by Driver-By Truckers: Double album by these, you guessed it southern American rockers not opera singers. It was all a bit much after a while and I wanted it to stop but amazingly I finished it, not my thing at all. In the shorter two and half min. opening track Days Of Graduation whoever the singer is sung about Freebird being a really long song well, your album and songs are just as or is ever longer. It’s a narrative song about a car crash so I’m picking it out here to highlight it on my blog today but I don’t know if I could call it a fave track of an album I’ll never listen to again. Maybe, I’ll listen to just that song without all the rest?

Rings Around The World by Super Furry Animals: Now since the last time I wrote SFA I’m liking them just a little bit more now, not much more but a little. Looking up about this one I did read NME mag hated this record, calling it the worst by them which is just a good reason to like it. Mojo mag then named it the album of this year, now that might be going a bit too far. Shoot Doris Day is the song I enjoyed the most so calling it my fave now.

That’s all of 2001’s albums I must listen according to this book now done!

A bloody great album by the duo of Meg and Jack which they won my pick of these albums this year because I disqualified my other two faves.

So I’ve done three of my faves already but NOT in the book was To Record Only Water For Ten Days by John Frusciante got three more of my fave ones coming soon!

But I’ve got ask dear readers what’s your fave album/s now? So is it above and in this book or not? What is it then? Please tell us now?



  1. In addition to The Stroke, White Stripes, and Moldy Peaches, of the albums released that year, the ones I remember enjoying were: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – No More Shall We Part, Radiohead – Amnesiac, New Order – Get Ready, and Mercury Rev – All is Dream.

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    1. Yeah, yeah, you’ve just guess one of my coming soon posts. I will say it’s not the Radiohead album even if that is a great album, I’m writing about a different one by them at the moment too, I’ve got a bit of a pile of stuff at the moment and then I keep getting side tracked too. The other two are pretty great too but I’ve not listened to them for a long while so thanks for reminding me now, I’ll have to find them and put on next!
      Cheers for join in 🙂

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      1. Glad I could remind you of something! No not the best album by their standard, but a great one by most standards. But still a few great tracks on there. Look forward to the upcoming posts. 🙂

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    2. Get Ready by New Order is one of their most underrated albums (in my opinion)! I personally love it–brings back fond memories of driving around with the windows down with my dad, and Run Wild is a beautiful closer.

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  2. Good stuff. Personally my fav track off “Is This It” is a tie between Barely Legal and Hard to Explain. I actually kind of like Ryan Adams, but have only started listening to him within the past few months after seeing him live at Lollapalooza. I have to really be in the right mood to hear his work.

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