Live Gigs: Max & Iggor Cavalera @ Astor


So that’s really Sepultura or the two main guys from them, Max and Iggor and they’re playing the 1996 classic album Roots in full too! So it’s been a couple of days since the gig and not posting anything here on my blog because my laptop acting like a dickhead!

Unbelievable metal gig on a Tuesday night in Perffffffffff! The last one on the Aussie tour for these guys. I love this album so much, getting there so early I got my spot on the fence and then didn’t give up to any meat head metal head who try pushing in! Metal fans are assholes for pushing in, at other gig in diff style of music this don’t happen and they look so shocked at the little skinny bloke eg. me when he elbows them in the head like it would easy picking but it’s then he start looking like thinking about hitting you back but it’s a gig and you scream at him, them more than one try this shit, you know? “I’ve been in this spot since 6:30 and your NOT getting it, so FUCK OFF!!!” then each and everyone scream back “Sorry, man” or something like that, one high fives, one gives me hug but you think why the hell do you try it in the first place and the only thing disappointing about the gig. Now I’m blogging about it too!



I did say before somewhere here I never seen Motorhead, Bon Scott AC/DC or any AC/DC really so these guys playing those tracks for the encore at the end of the night was wicked cool too and maybe could be better! Maybe not because I don’t know because I never seen them but these guys playing was bloody great. Skindred was totally wicked cool support band too, you know? Now I should have written a little better for such a great show but that might have to be it for today’s blog post! I got to write more them, Sep, Max and Iggor at a later date, right OK?


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