Playlist: My Mixtapes #27 SKC 90

OK, I’ve been a total slack ass this week blogging after saying something at the start of the week which was, oh I can’t remember what? Anyway something a little bit different for number twenty-seven in my mixtape project. This one is a totally brand new mix I made about couple of weeks ago now and traded with someone in Canada, we have trade two or three times over the last couple of years. This time I found a total brand new cassette still rapped in plastic and is a mix of mainly old and new-ish Aussie music. I send if off a couple of weeks ago so he’s let me know got it in the mail by now because I’m posting up a playlist of what I sent him here online and if he don’t mind I’ll like to write about his mix in a post of what he send to me too, not got that I got his yet!

I don’t why I’ve only just now thinking about to blog about it? But I guess I am now, I do have a pile of mixtapes but mainly on CD-rs because I was in trading group online for awhile and we sent stuff to each other in the snail mail not file sharing or emailing. Off course I’ve still got all the CD-rs, maybe I’ve got to blog about them sometime sooner or later too! Now if you’ve been following this blog for a while you might know some of the names below in older posts because it’s pretty much what I’m really digging right now or if you know your Aussie music you’ll know them too. If you new to visiting here or old or whatever I hope you enjoy this random mix, the bloke from Canada said really mix it up!

Side A:

#1. Jen CloherLoose Magic 

Blogged about Jen this year, here’s the link. This track is about watching a cult classic Aussie band Dirty Three reunion so the next four songs are the latest or newest works the three members have been doing in the meantime and then an older track by the band themselves too!

#2. Warren EllisBad Bad Girl

Ellis was violin player but is all beats and electronic here on a Aussie soundtrack called Bad Girl, most well known as Nick Cave right hand man in The Bad Seeds and soundtracks, this is Warren first solo project since the 90’s follow this link for more info.

#3. Mick TurnerOver Waves

Turner was the guitar player and the only one who didn’t move oversea, pretty much stayed in Melbourne minus a couple of years. His solo albums are him saying I wanna work with this or that local muso or singer and this was the biggest project to date with the album called Don’t Tell The Driver.

#4. Xylouris WhiteShort Rhapsody 

Jim White was the drummer and became the best one for hire, playing for almost every indie act from late 90’s. His latest project is playing as a duo with Greek Aussie singer and laouto player George Xylouris. More Xylouris White here.

#5. Dirty ThreeSue’s Last Ride (Demo)

The demo of the old classic track from mid-90’s. I love how a telephone starts to ring but the band just keeps playing!

#6. A.B. Original (feat. Dan Sultan)January 26

This is the date of Australia Day but I also say just change the date you useless Polly’s!

#7. Australian CrawlReckless (Don’t Be So…)

Back to the early 80’s now with the one of the could be oldest songs on the mix.

#8. Gold ClassTwist In The Dark

Blogged a lot about this band this year, here’s the last time link.

#9. Batpiss Weatherboard Man

Blogged a lot about this band this year too, here’s the last time link.

#10. Essendon AirportThree Against Four

Back to the early 80’s now with the one of the could be oldest songs on the mix.

Side B:

#1. King ParrotShit On A Liver

Can I call these blokes the greatest Aussie Metal band of 2010’s?

#2. PowellJonny (feat. Jonny)

Headbutt your watermelon! My links are here and there.

#3. Hard-OnsSomething I Don’t Want To Do

#4. Hard-OnsSit Beside You

These 80’s/90’s punks have the two shortest tracks on the mix by this band so they get a double.

#5. PVTKangaroo

Blogged them this year too, here’s the link.

#6. Holly ThrosbySeeing You Now

Blogged about Holly this year too, here’s the link.

#7. Underground LoversLosin’ You

More 90’s Aussie stuff but it’s got to be a total classic now.

#8. The Necks –  Nice Policeman Nasty Policeman

Blogged about the debut album by them last year, this song is on the follow up album early 90’s again.

#9. Josh Abrahams & Amiel Daemion – Addicted To Bass

More 90’s stuff, this time it’s late 90’s and yet another now classic I would say.


#10. RicaineJudy’s Fence

Blogged about this song and the debut album by them earlier this year, which here’s the link too. Should be more well known but isn’t!

#11. Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness and Light

OK, call me obsessed but yet even more classic Aussie 90’s music. Yeah, they’re named after the TV show Simpsons’ cartoon mouse and cat.

#12. Paul Kelly & Courtney BarnettCharcoal Lane 

Now a cover of classic early 90’s Aussie Archie Roach title track from his debut which off course I’ve blogged about, linked here too.

#13. Kirin J Callinan Bravado 

Back to this year with new music and my little write-up about this one is linked here.

BTW I’ve linked the track to older posts if I have wrote about that before, looks like it’s less than half so maybe with blog more about the others at a later date, maybe? Who knows? So dug that then? What do you know, not know, like, love or maybe even hate?

The three blokes from the Dirty Three band from left it’s Warren, Jim in the middle and right is Mick! 

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