New Music: Don’t Wait Outside The Heart by Pale Heads

I was trying to figure out when I last buy a cassette tape? But couldn’t! So now I do know because I got this one, which is a new album by these guys but has only been release on tape with only one hundred copy made too! I got hand numbered 68 and just now looking the their facebook page while writing my Tuesday morning blog post, at the start of this month they’re only 15 left maybe less now. Oh yeah, on bandcamp page is down to nine left so you better get in quick or you’ll miss out! If you need more selling points, well it’s bright pink cassette tape! Yes, I did type bright pink and it’s not one of my typos. Anyway I got the tape in snail mail a couple weeks or so ago but tape deck stopped working day or two ago now. So I’m back to listening to the download copy on the laptop today.

So hear you say “never heard of them” but when has that stop me blogging about a band like that? If you been following my little blog I did kind-of write/blog about Tom Lyngcoln the singer-songwriter last month in this post here. Which was all about his other band and some other band covering them too but just have blog about this one now because I’ve been enjoying it so much lately. Tom has yet other band too which I might just have blog/write real soon too, OK? Today’s all about his band called Pale Heads and the new album Don’t Wait Outside The Heart.

Again they’re an Aussie band for Melbourne, Victoria and I really don’t like using the word supergroup because they’re far from famous or even well known at all but all these guys are from other Mel-bands. The other week or month I blog about the Guttervile Splendour Six the pre-Drones band for Gaz and Riu Periera and the link to the radio DJ tit bit about them, asked “what ever happenered to Riu?” well, he’s not the only one I’ve heard ask that so answer that question and does he still play guitar anywhere? Well, he’s in the Pale Heads and Tom sings or screams the opening song’s lyrics “Riu Found A Note that no one heard before!” Periera well known for leaving The Drones just as they were getting a little bit bigger in mid-2000’s which he formed in high school with the singer-songwriter Liddiard plus both played in GSS too. Thom Cones comes from the band called Batpiss, which I’ve raved about the new album by them here. Off course I’m going to like this band and album because it’s made up by musos from other bands I totally dig and last but not least is Xiao Zhong from Pairs and Bang! Bang! Aids! which I’ve not really checked out yet, if wanna know? I guess I should say about the main man Tom Lyngcoln who’s couple of other bands are Harmony and The Nation Blue.

They have few and far band photos but here a great one for inside the tape Rui at his amp, them playing live in Brissy by Luke Henery (

The Pale Heads band members intros over now on with lyrics. Tom has said the words deal with the heart this time on this the second album, when the head was the theme for the debut album. The music is just best described, if you haven’t yet hit the play bottom as the raw and rough Aussie pub rock which sound best played loud. Most likely even better late on weekend after a few beers and with a full PA behind it at a pub. Which I’ve yet to see them live but I’m just guessing they might put on one hell of a gig!

Picking out just a song or two, maybe my faves would be Pale In The Heart and Moving On but maybe it’s still a bit too soon to tell really. Please just press play and have listen yourself, maybe even buy one of the last pink tapes left!

Don’t Wait Outside The Heart track listing and times:

1. Rui Found A Note – 3:07
2. Don’t Wait Outside The Heart – 3:00
3. Pale In The Heart – 3:21
4. Peace And Quiet – 4:26
5. Flagged – 3:32
6. Here Comes Gwen – 5:09
7.Moving On – 3:04
8. Rice At 4AM – 1:36
9. The Dead Heart Cafe – 7:32


Oh, why not just included the debut album in this post today? Here’s Headless album from a couple of years ago. So if you want even more Pale Heads right now? Also you can get this one on vinyl still with black, red and blue to pick from order it here.

So who did or does loves the Pale Heads now?


  1. I’ve never heard of them William and, like you, I blog about a lot of artists & bands most have never heard of either. But hey, we’re trying our best to get the word out about some cool bands we like that we think others should know about. And I’m glad I read your post ’cause I’m really liking Pale Heads’ music a lot. Such a raw, high-energy sound with great psychedelic/punk overtones.

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