Classic Albums: Soaking Red by Tendrils

So out of a lot of records I’ve included in my fave albums list here on my blog this one today could be the less known and sometimes I do wonder even if I’m the only person in the whole of Australia, the world or even the universe that knows it? Maybe, aliens on another worlds would be more likely to know it too!

I don’t give up easily too really, do I? This now also follows my less viewed blog posts over the last month or two, those few out there who did check out my posts about Flappin’ On A Hook by Joel Silersher and Dirty Cabbage by Hoss plus a little more popular one about My Pal by GOD this is the continuing story of Aussie singer-songwriter Joel Silersher. Which I’ve just realized has also featured on not one but two of my CA past fave albums, last year I wrote about a very rare Aussie various artists comp album of cover songs called Where Joy Kills Sorrow which was the very first time Joel when solo back in the mid-90’s doing a beautiful version of a Hank Williams song. Then a couple of years ago off course that My Pal track was on Tales From The Australian Underground – Volume 1. It’s also the very first Aussie act since my re-starting of this set of posts/tags last month, amazing it’s taken this long!

Anyway, in my little opinion of all of Joel wicked cool but under rated stuff this is his best album as a whole. Or should that just be my fave album and if I just had to pick one and only album by him, this one would be it. The Soaking Red album under the name of Tendrils. Who are the amazing duo of the Aussie muso Charlie Owen with off course Joel Silbersher.

So here’s a photo of the two blokes from Tendrils Charlie Owen (right) and in the big mad hat is Joel Silbersher!

I don’t think I’ve had a photo of Joel yet in all those blog posts, oh well now you get them sitting in what looks like a very over grown backyard garden.

Soaking Red album was released in 1998, so yeah yet another 90’s album I totally love. Everything is played by these two blokes, Joel sings but plays guitars, drums, keyboard and harmonica and Charlie on guitar, piano, organ, percussion, mandolin, banjo, bass. Plus drummer Jim White guests on track number seven called Raw Feeling. Previous the duo released one album in 1995 under their names and the album titled Tendrils. This Soaking Red record was to be the last album together as a duo but both also now play with and in the Tex Perkins’ band.

It’s time is just under 40 mins. with the thirteen songs and totally incredible great album which I think more people should hear, pretty mellow and chilled. Nice one to play or listen too I think for middle of the week, hump day and my Wednesday morning post this week. Even the last track is called Wednesday The 22nd, it’s 11th today so I’m a little bit off.

Please let me know if you did check it out by hitting play? Also what you did think of it? Even if you hated it, you can tell me and it just sounds like a mess or something to you which is what everyone I’ve played it too before has said about it or just something like that. If you also know and love it please let me know too!

Soaking Red track listing and times:

1. Soaking Red – 4:38
2. Goat Curry – 2:37
3. The Prune In Heat – 2:50
4. Gulp – 0:26
5. All Stunk Up – 2:59
6. Hands Are Tied – 5:04
7. Raw Feeling – 3:05
8. Easter Mongrel – 1:04
9. The Time It Is Come – 1:32
10. Glass Antenny – 4:06
11. Whittling – 2:54
12. Do What You Have To – 4:27
13. Wednesday The 22nd – 2:22


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

Basically the idea is write a little about each of my fave albums but I don’t know why really I titled/tagged them all as classic albums? Please feel free to leave a reply about this one or any of them or all of them all, Thank you!



  1. First found your blog tonight, and checking this out. Liking it quite a lot! Will be looking into some of your other recs soon. It’s hard to dig into the Australian music scene from the United States, but have been a huge Drones fan for the past decade and finally decided to search and find more from that scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool Lucas and I hope you find my little blog useful or helpful? They’re a lot of posts related to them here and other Aussie acts on that scene if you wanna dig around here! Enjoy 🙂 and let us know if you looking for anything?


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