Live Gigs: Adam Ant @ Metro Freo


So what did you do on your Monday night, last night? Well, I-myself when down to Freo to see my childhood music hero Adam Ant play a wicked cool show! I think the last gig I wrote about here on my blog was on a Tuesday night so Monday is even more of an odd night to go out on but I did just to see Adam. It was a wild and woolly night here in Perth too, you know? I haven’t been Metros for a long while, I think it’s the first time writing about it on my blog so to quickly the venue is normally just a night club all weekend but they have a stage at one end and have gigs sometimes but I can’t think of the last time I when there. He played the full Kings Of The Wild Frontier album in full too! Which I’d wrote a whole blog post about that last year plus got my tickets to this show at the start of this year and wrote something about a cover of his I love so here’s that link too.

So it was also the very last gig of this Aussie tour. This album opens with the great two hit punch of Dog Eat Dog and Ant Music so watching those and the rest of that album which is ingrained on my soul because it was pretty much the the very first album I bought when I was a kid, if you don’t what to read that post about it you’ll miss the funny story how I got it but I love this record so much is the quick version too. Adam did say into the microphone to the cheering crowd after finishing it in it’s original form that was very self-indulgent but I was in heaven with all these non-hit singles and just album tracks.

Then breaking into a run of the rest hit singles for the rest of the main set to keep everyone else happy. Then again this tour was sold as the Kings Of The Wild Frontier album shows so I couldn’t be the only one in heaven. Four song encore finishing with Physical (You’re So) was a wicked cool ending. Dancing all night on my spot which was not right up the front but not right up the back somewhere in the middle really but pretty prefect because I could see everything. Worth saying how they did play these songs live was with double drums or two drummers because I was wondering how they would pull of the tracks because of the tribal beats they use on the album, even a couple of extra bigger bass drums were played by guitar players at some points to add even more low bass beat to the rhythm. I  guess, it’s total nostalgic gig because nothing new got played but did you know he did have a new album out in 2013? Which, I guess was a long while ago now.

Anyway, if I personal thank Adam for coming to W.A. and playing these songs I would but this blog post on this Tuesday morning will have to do the job for me, OK? Thank you Adam Ant!



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