Classic Albums: Rock Action by Mogwai

Now finally after four days not on here in blog land comes the next album from the long-winded year 2001 and part four, if anyone is still counting? Of records that are so important to me would by from these Scottish post-rock gremlins.

For anyone to young or whatever, Mogwai the band is named after mogwai the made-up movie creature from the film called Gremilins from 1984 and according to the novel based on the first film, the mogwai were created on an extraterrestrial planet. According to my sister who remembers childhood more that me, I watched this movie into the double maybe even triple figures as a kid and only Ghostbusters would have been watched more. Both films had disappointing sequels but by that time I was a teenage that was little kids stuff so I couldn’t like it. I’ve not seen them both now in a very long time but when a band came along with the same name I just had to check them out!

This is Gizmo, the most famous, well-known mogwai the world ever seen!

Off course I fell in love with them, the earlier stuff was fucking epic great but picking only one album today it would have to be Rock Action album. Released in late April 2001 which by this stage I was a big fan so I got it the week or even the day of release. The band themselves hate this album of what I’ve read about it but they did name their record label after it so they can’t totally hate it, hey? What I could understand they didn’t like how the strings section was recorded or something along those lines or should have been better or different.

 They are labeled as a post-rock band which I have had the Dirty Three before on my list but some don’t called them post-rock because of the violin or something but I don’t like labeling things anyway so why I’m I ever talking about it? This one was the third album and somehow I didn’t see them play live until the Rave Tapes album tour, amazing they did play Take Me Somewhere Nice and 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong that night.


That’s the Dial: Revenge song black & white live footage video clip I did see at the time on that Rage late night Aussie music TV show. Yeah, that’s Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals who’s singing Welsh vocals too. I have said I before on my blog in those 1001 albums book post/s I don’t dig that SFA band much but him just sung one Mogwai song makes him pure genius because that track is just beyond my own words, unbelievable song. BTW I should have made it clear by now that this band are Scottish but you know that already, don’t you? The whole album is eight tracks in a less than 40 mins. you know too?

That’s my little write-up about this album almost over, trying not to make these posts long and boring or whatever? So now I’ve got to ask who digs this album or these guys? Do you have a fave album by them? Is it this one or a different one? What to add anything else? Please do so below!

Rock Action track listing and times:

1. Sine Wave – 4:55
2. Take Me Somewhere Nice – 6:57
3. O I Sleep – 0:55
4. Dial: Revenge – 3:28
5. You Don’t Know Jesus – 8:02
6. Robot Chant – 1:03
7. 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong – 9:31
8. Secret Pint – 3:37


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

Basically the idea is write a little about each of my fave albums but I don’t know why really I titled/tagged them all as classic albums? Please feel free to leave a reply about this one or any of them or all of them all, Thank you!

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