1001 Albums Book: 2011 & 2012

Sunday blog post is yet another ten year jump forward time traveling but when I get to 2011 it’s only got two albums selected in the book so I’m going to do 2012 too, that year has five albums picked out to listen too. I’ve been trying to keep my posts a bit shorter so this one is going to be pretty quick one! Only seven albums you must to listen before being buried in a box six feet under or would you prefer to be set on fire until your just a pile of ashes? Anyway I should also say this makes me almost complete 2010’s with my one other post about 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 here, if you wanna check it out?

Let England Shake by PJ Harvey: I didn’t like this at the time of release, I guess compare to her old but listening now today it’s fucking epic genius. I forgot the ex-Bad Seeds Mick Harvey and no related to PJ sung a lot on this album, backing vocals but even lead on a couple of points too. The whole thing is English are great but total shit too which works well, I have to listen again real soon. Have you heard On Battleship Hill lately?

D by White Denim: This is one of hundreds of records from around this time that to me all seem like they all wanna go back to 60’s being hippies or something. I don’t know why this one in the book and not all of the others because it don’t seem any better but don’t ask me because all of them sounds the same to me which is not a good sign, put in the not my thing basket.

good kid m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar: I know the name because he’s so huge but I’ve not listen to him before, you know? It’s pretty epic great rap album, second reco today and is way more chili vibe than I was thinking it would be. Amazing stuff and after just one listen I’m going the highlight the track Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.

In Our Heads by Hot Chip: Sandwiched in-between two rap albums is this an indie-pop record. To me they sound like pointless dead air, have nothing new at all and it’s just more boring white blokes rubbish who’s made some 80’s throw-back album. Yeah it’s catchy but nope, I really don’t dig it at all. It’s 11 tracks too long and I’m naming it the worst album in this bunch.

 channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean: Yet again I know the name because he’s so huge but I’ve not listen to him before, you know? More R&B than rap but is amazing stuff and no wonder everyone on earth loves this guy. It’s even more mellow than Kendrick’s one and if for some reason you’ve not heard it like me, it’s my third reco today too. Now listening again to the song Crack Rock.

Blunderbuss by Jack White: His debut solo record was disappointing at the time and still is today. To me it’s everything he in late 90’s and early 2000’s rebelled against and then in 2012 Jack became what he disliked before. But I guess, the lead single was the best song on it so here’s Love Interruption to listen to now if you want too?

Self-titled by Django Django: Another one I’ve never, ever listen to them and most likely will not again. White Denim were from Texas and these guys are the UK triply, what to be hippies. If the book wasn’t so anti-Aussie I’m guessing Tame Impala would be in it, not that I like them any better but wasn’t the Lonerism album one of the biggest albums of 2012, if not the biggest?

Just got to be PJ’s record as my choice of these seven above and couple of years!

So what do you think about those albums? Love them or hate them or don’t even remember them? Share your opinion with me, I’ll love to know what your thinking? What’s your own pick of albums of the years 2011 and 2012?

In my own tiny list of fave albums so far I’ve included three from 2011 and zero from 2012. So pretty soon hopefully I’ll write up at least one album to be added to 2012 maybe more? The three records from 2011 I’ve already done were added a very, very long time ago so you might have missed them? If you do what to check them out now they are two Aussie acts that should have more listeners HTRK’s Work (Work, Work) and Lost Animal’s Ex Tropical plus a could be an odd pick but I expressed my love for Lulu by Lou Reed & Metallica too!


    1. Yeah, yeah! Too right, I was thinking there got to be more well-known albums from these years because most of these artists have more well-known recording!
      Do you have a fave album from 2011 and 2012?
      Cheers Stephen!


      1. OK and that’s the singer who passed away just the other day too! Sorry and I hate to say to a fan but I never listened to them but is that a good one to start with? Or should I check out other album first?


      1. Well, I have to admit my main listening is still my formative stuff from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and that from the 90s on I have missed a lot. Also I have a folky side (Fairport Convention etc) as well as rock and blues. So with that in mind, my favourites from 2011 are The Black Keys’ El Camino, as well as Veronica Falls’ Veronica Falls (I’m a sucker for women singers and jangley retro guitars), Laura Marling’s A Creature I Don’t Know and The Decembrist’s The King is Dead. From 2012 I like Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball. Cheers

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