Wicked Songs: Soft Power by Tropical Fuck Storm + Cover Versions: Lost Animal’s Lose The Baby by Tropical Fuck Storm

Side A:

Side B:

Right you cunts, cocks and assholes I’m back now with the most friendly and welcoming back greeting I can think of! Did you like it or could you have miss me at all? So what happen quickly was I when away for what was suppose to be only a couple of days but almost couple of weeks later I’m final home now! Thank fuck for that too, if I knew I was going to be away that long I would have taken my laptop with me but oh well.

Anyway I did see about four or five days ago my new favorite band Tropical Fuck Storm have got out the next original and cover songs which is apart of a set of 7″ singles which the release date is 17th Nov. for this new one. I’ve just got to post these two tracks up here for my first one back after being away. Has everyone heard these already by now? Well, I don’t care I’ve just got have them here on my blog!

The new track written by Gareth Liddiard called Soft Power is maybe not as catchy as the debut song Chameleon Paint. The B-side is one of my all-time faves tracks of 2010’s with the song by Lost Animal called Lose The Baby! I did write a whole blog post about the album the song is from last year, if you wanna check out more about it follow this link here, OK?

Cut and paste from the record label, mistletone:

soft power
noun •
a persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the use of economic or cultural influence.

Tropical Fu*k Storm ride in from their Homeric American adventure touring with mates King Gizzard and Band Of Horses, to articulate with devastating accuracy the collective dread and repugnance of this moment in history.

Swaggering in with two of the most ominous opening lines of recent times…“Hey hold your fire man don’t shoot / Here comes the umpa lumpa with the nukes”, ‘Soft Power’ is a breakup song. The accusers, The People of Earth, are finally kicking their abusive ex-lover (the USA) to the curb: “Everyone here gets the joke / Everybody except you”.

Brilliantly paired with B-side ‘Lose The Baby’, a cover of the iconic Lost Animal classic penned by Jarrod Quarrell, the new single by Tropical Fu*k Storm is a collectible insta-classic and a glimpse at the band’s forthcoming debut album, that is being recorded with Aaron Cupples this month, and due 2018.

Just got to be some of the craziest cover art for a long time, pity it’s only a 7″ single! Art by Montréal artist Joe Becker.


Edit: Now I’ve got my 7″ vinyl copy which it’s so very bright red, plays at 33 speed not 45 and the A-side has no run out grove so the sample quote right at the end of the song could play forever if you don’t pick up the needle yourself!

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