Cover Versions: The Drones’ Taman Shud by Laura Jean

So trying to catch up on everything and blogging about it too of what I missed while away might be totally impossible! But I just have post up this cover by Laura Jean of The Drones epic song from last year. It’s labeled as a demo but I really don’t care because it’s The bloody Drones and it’s amazing wicked re-worked version of Taman Shud.

Laura Jean did some backing vocals on a song on last year’s Feelin Kinda Free album by The Drones but not Taman Shud, she sung on the track To Think That I Loved You. Her cover come from a project called Thirty Days of Yes a kind-of bandcamp comp album of sorts or they call it a mixtape. It’s for Marriage Equality and Developed in response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, to drive the ‘Yes’ message and show support for the LGBTQI+ community, particularly the youth community who don’t have a voice in this public debate.


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