Playlist: My Mixtapes #28

So this is the very first CD-r because I don’t know whats happened to my tape deck and it seems I can’t fix it myself. I’m just moving on to my CD-r’s which I do call mixtapes too because they do or did that very same thing. I’m a little bit disappointed I didn’t get through all the tapes but I guess I can go back to them at some stage. Now most or some of these have at times end up in my car because it’s got a five disc player in it, play them until I’ve heard it too much and then put in another one or five. So listening to them not in car is a bit different now. Dates or at least months and years are written on the front of most of these. We start here today for my Thursday blog post in April 2005 because I can’t seem to find any earlier or with a date on them at least.

Track #1: Hurt by Johnny Cash

Track #2: Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana

Track #3: Where Is My Mind? by Frank Black

Track #4: Grief Came Riding by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #5: Unison by Bjork

Track #6: Zion’s Blood by Lee “Scratch” Perry 

Track #7: Old Fashioned Morphine by Jolie Holland 

Track #8: If Not For You by Bob Dylan 

Track #9: Black Jack Davey by The White Stripes

Track #10: Break My Body by Black Francis

Track #11: In Your Room by Depeche Mode

Track #12: Nocturama by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #13: Bird In Hand by Lee “Scratch” Perry

Track #14: Rocket Queen by Guns N’ Roses 

Track #15: Wild Honey Pie by Pixies 

Track #16: No Birds Do Sing by Public Image Ltd. 

Track #17: Dishes by Pulp 

Track #18: Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum by Nick Cave & Dirty Three

So that’s pretty much 80 min. of music or just under it because that’s what you can fit on these thingys, CD-r’s but I don’t think I’m telling you anything new at all. Mr. Cave in 2005 just released the three disc B-Sides & Rarities comp album and I picked three for it above. Frank Black or Black Francis is on three times with The Beatles cover with Pixies, his solo acoustic demo Pixies’ Break My Body and maybe not the greatest re-working of Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? both those two are from 2004 album called Frank Black Francis. After years of waiting for a Pixies reunion, it finally hit around this time too. I don’t know if I’m saying anything new to you now? Maybe he or them should be the photo for the post but I picked out the pic of Lee “Scratch” Perry before because of his two great tracks.

So I’m now banning Nick Cave as featured image for my mixtapes posts because what I remember I included at least one track on ever single one until I ran out of songs. Anyway here’s Lee “Snatch” Perry with a bird on his head!

So who out there likes all these songs too or at least one track? What’s your fave song or songs for the above tunes? Or just wanna say something, anything?



  1. Love seeing White Stripes, so glad to see that Johnny Cash cover too…every time I hear it, I just can’t stop myself from getting emotional. I distinctly remember my first time hearing it–I was in high school, and for whatever reason, someone was showing the music video in a classroom as part of their psychology project. I remember sticking my head through the door and just being mesmerized, and having to pull myself together before going back to where I was supposed to be because I was crying!

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    1. Oh yeah, it’s one of those stop you in your tracks kind-of songs! I guess it’s really telling it kicks off the mixtape and thanks for sharing your 1st time listening to the song here too!
      Cheers again 🙂

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  2. Great selection. Fond memories of many of these songs. Wasn’t familiar with Lee “Scratch” Perry, but will be looking up more of his stuff. Great to see Depeche Mode’s In Your Room, it’s one of my favourite DM tracks from one of my favourite DM album. The album version was always better than the single mix—darker, more brooding.

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    1. Oh yeah, I love that DM song and the album! If you can keep a secret, that’s yet another album on my endless list I still haven’t written a blog post about!
      Did you see my post on Perry? I did write about my fave album of his which was right at the start of this year!
      Cheers David 🙂

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      1. I’ve listened to DM for years but SoFaD is the album I always come back to—and Black Celebration—I love that such a beautiful album came out of such awful times. It’s like the album that should never have been made, like their ‘Station to Station’. I will await the still as yet unwritten post. 😉 And I’ll look up the post on Perry. Cheers, William.

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