Playlist: My Mixtapes #29

OK, the very next mixtape has the very informed writing on it in my own hand writing: late April 2005. So why didn’t I just put the date? I don’t know why I didn’t do that? Does anyone know? Nobody knows why I do anything even myself, I guess! Anyway here are all the songs on this on this old mixtape on CD-r, if you missed the last post yesterday where I explain going for the cassette tapes to CD-rs here’s a link to that just for you.

Track #1: Nature Boy by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #2: You Really Got Me by The Kinks

Track #3: La La La Love by Pixies

Track #4: Hounds Of Love by Kate Bush

Track #5: Sara by Bob Dylan 

Track #6: TV Movie by Pulp

Track #7: Everything Must Converge by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #8: Don’t Cry by Guns N’ Roses

Track #9: One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) by The White Stripes

Track #10: Cry Cry Cry by Johnny Cash

Track #11: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry by Hank Williams 

Track #12: Don’t Smoke In Bed by Nina Simone 

Track #13: That Crawlin’ Baby Blues by Blind Lemon Jefferson 

Track #14: Man Gave Names To All The Animals by Bob Dylan

Track #15: To Be By Your Side by Nick Cave 

Track #16: Adagio In G Minor by Tomaso Albinoni

Track #17: The Weight (And The Sea) by Bluetile Lounge

Track #18: Estranged by Guns N’ Roses

So yet three more Cave songs on this, all from 2000’s. One from his double album, one B-side and one from a soundtrack for a bird doco also did spot the cameo backing vocals of geese? Maybe it should have been Bob Dylan or Guns N’ Roses as the feature image today because both have two songs and Pixies only have one here, oh well. What are you or them going to do? Sue me or something? This time also we go back in time and history not just modern rock music, my this week’s Friday morning post got 1940’s country, 1920’s blues and 18th-century Venetian master too. You’ve got to mix it up sometimes, you know?

Seems they did missed out yesterday, here are the Pixies with off course Kim Deal front and centre! Does everyone by now know how much I love her?

I hope you enjoy this one too! I will post something different tomorrow, OK? Got to ask yet again, what does everyone or anyone like, love or even you can tell me if you hate/dislike anything from the above songs?



    1. LOL! oops me and my spelling and dyslexia hey? I’ll have to edit it! Thanks 🙂 I did once have New York Knicks top and I did some re-working on it myself, changing it to the Bad Seeds Nicks!

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  1. Hi William, Well what a diverse mix! I never thought there’d be classical music on your blog. It’s a great moody piece though. In fact lots of moody songs – I’ve listened to the lot of them this time and they work well together. Lots of ‘cry’ing songs too. I liked the Pixies song as it had slipped my mind with all the hits on that album. Thanks

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    1. Oh yeah, I like how it started off with a few total love songs and skips straight to heart-break and crying well almost!
      Cheers yet again Ozflicks 🙂
      BTW Can I ask if you have real name? Or did your old folks just knew you would love oz films when you where born? Or is that just getting toooooo personal? You tell me to f offff if you wanna!

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