Live Gigs: The Aints @ Rosie’s + Wicked Songs: Messin’ With The Kid by The Saints

Yeah, so it’s The Aints not The Saints because it’s Ed Kuepper’s version of The Saints. Ed’s just dropped the the letter S and he’s only playing almost all the 70’s stuff that he worked on before leaving the band and marking 40 years since that debut album too. According to Kuepper live on stage last weekend gone, it’s mark three so the third time he’s done this, well I missed the early ones and he was also saying it’s most likely the last time he revisits it too.

The Aints were an earlier to mid 90’s side project for the ex-saint Ed Kuepper, original and founding member of The Saints because it seems Ed wanted to made some dirty punky rock after a few solo albums and mellowing out on them. Calling quits around 1995 but they recorded a whole album of new stuff which was never released. I guessing mark one was The Saints actually. If your looking at the dates, it was Mel this weekend and Perf was last weekend so I’m a week late with my little write-up here but I was being a slack fucker this last week but your getting it all now in this Sunday morning post, you lucky buggers!

Now I’ve seen Kuepper live a few times and over the last couple of years he’s thrown in maybe one Saints song if your lucky into his live sets and a couple maybe max of three tracks in his request shows recently but because I want him to do some solo stuff I’ve not heard live before I didn’t mind but some members of the crowd I think wanted more Saints really. I think personally now I would love to see a Laughing Clowns reunion in a year or two or something like that next, please!

Anyway because Chris Bailey wasn’t doing even one show as The Saints celebrating forty years, unbelievably. So Ed jumped in to do this tour for all the fans begging for it. The Aints didn’t disappoint too, for me playing everything I wanted to hear live plus some more. Hammering them out like back in the day and kicked the real Saints asses who were totally disappointing live or a couple of years ago they were. Ed even digging out a few  unreleased tracks too in the middle part of the show, I’m wondering if some demos are just sitting on his selves?

At the very start of this year I did write about the album (I’m) Stranded so that’s linked if you click this sentence if you missed it then or wanna re-read or something? But if you’ll like to know my all-time fave track by The Saints? Well, it’s Messin’ With The Kid so if you’ve not heard it or want to yet again? Here it is now just for you!

Off course they played that one live last weekend and it was so bloody amazingly too. Want else can I say? By now you must know I never take photos so don’t ask! Oh, while watching the drummer at some point he snapped his stick in half and hit a girl standing in the front row who ran straight away. Not that he was aiming at her or it could happen again, those odds would be like being hit by lighting twice or something but maybe it just hurt. I’ve never been hit by a broken flying drum stick. Anyway if your on the east coast next weekend check out the last couple of shows because it was bloody great and it might never happen again!


So gotta ask do you have a fave Saints song too? Please add it below because I’ll love to know which one you like the best!


    1. Nice picks Peter! I remember, I’m so bad with names so I don’t know why I asked?
      Oh yeah, yeah Know Your Product is a total classic and Prehistoric Sounds is underrated of the three Ed albums, I’m going to have put it on now! Thanks for letting me know and hope you get a change to see The Anits, playing Syd next weekend you know?
      Cheers 🙂


      1. Yeah, at The Factory which is really close to me, but I’m still OS. Bummer. I’ve never seen the Aints or the original Saints, though I saw the Chris Bailey Saints a few times in the 80s, when they were a bit mellower/more melodic than the originals. I think Ed’s still into the spirit a bit more.

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