Remembering: Malcolm Young

Do I even have to write or say anything?

So here’s a few of my fave tracks by Acca Dacca!




Given the Dog a Bone

You Shook Me All Night Long

Night Prowler

If You Want Blood (You Got It)

Up to My Neck in You

Let There Be Rock

Bad Boy Boogie

Love at First Feel


Now you might notices I’m missing some very early songs but not to repeat myself in the past I did wrote about the debut album High Voltage which is here. Also about Highway To Hell cover and my home town link with the song is here too. So if you do want even more of their music on my blog please visit those posts. The last two tracks are are a couple of covers I just had to listen too today, you can too as well?

Who’s still not yet listened to Mark Kozelek acoustic AC/DC tribute album What’s Next To The Moon or his EP Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer? Could be one of the most perfect thing to play on a day like this! So above is his very beautiful If You Want Blood. 

OK, I know some people hate this one but I love that cover version and just great for this Sunday morning post with Aussie punks Hard-Ons with American icon Henry Rollins with Let There Be Rock which is the best way to finish off!

Young Mel back in the 1970’s with gutiar, beer and smoke!

So I think I’ve asked this question before but what’s your fave AC/DC song/s?

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