Live Gigs: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 2017 Tour Highlights

In great news Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds goes ahead and play the final dates of the 2017 tour in Israel last night and again tonight. I’ll let Nick speak for himself in the above video in a rare press conference he explains it all I think.

Inspired to made yet another Cave post here on my blog for Monday night. I say I never take photo or film anything at gigs but maybe I’m one of few not to do this anymore because this tour they’re endless videos. Him and his Bad Seeds did take a flogging by some fans, press etc. when announcing the dates for the tour because of the arena size shows, to me it was about time and seem like he was under-selling himself and them for a longtime playing smaller venues. They’re just getting bigger and bigger so why denial it also they do put on one of the greatest shows on earth so why not up-scale the shows? He solved or just slapped the “it’s too big” bitches in the face by doing somethings he’s never done before on tour by getting even closer and closer to crowd in different ways too.

Anyway I have been following these shows via YouTube and if I was a millionaire or something I think I would have follow him around this year from gig to gig. So here’s some of the highlights picked out by me. The setlist didn’t change much over the whole tour so below is one live version of each of the song from a different city in the world.

Lending into the opening song with new soundtrack song playing over the PA Three Seasons In Wyoming from Wind River, maybe the best film score by him and Warren Ellis this year and I should write something about it. Then starting the shows with Anthrocene watch as he enters from stage left:

Second song in was Jesus Alone:

Magneto was next:

Rings Of Saturn was only played a couple of times but:

Higgs Boson Blues:

From Her to Eternity:


Jubilee Street:

Then mid set came the two big piano ballads together The Ship Song and Into My Arms:

Girl In Amber:

I Need You:

Red Right Hand:

The Mercy Seat:

Else Torp joining the band live for one show only in Copenhagen on Distant Sky:

The perfect Skeleton Tree finished the main set each night:

On the earlier Aussie tour a few songs were played but drop then to make up the main setlist for the rest of the whole tour but they did popped up again here and there so a few I found that were done only a few times were Mermaids:

Jack The Ripper:

Nobody’s Baby Now:

People Ain’t No Good:

Only played once was Love Letter:

One time too for Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry:

In the end the three encore tracks were turned in epic performs that seem to last for close to half an hour or something. Starting with The Weeping Song which Cave climbs in the the crowd and almost walks out the front door but stop to teach everyone how he would like to clap along with him:

Then the always insane Stagger Lee turned into Nick dragging or inviting everyone on stage with him.

Closing the night with the amazing Push The Sky Away and one night in London he found Bobby Gillespie from Primal Scream and got him sing with him too:

I hope that shows every angle possible, like you moved place or spot or seat after each song. It’s only just few highlights with one cool live version of each track but I’m guessing every night would be amazing. I hope you dig it but none of it really shows or makes you feel like you are there, anyway I enjoy listening and watching these ones! How about you?

Warren Ellis, Else Torp and who’s that guy again? I forget? All hanging out backstage in 2017!

So I hope everyone out there in the world got a chance to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds this year? A few dates mid next year have been announced but not much but what I’m really hoping for is? So crossing my fingers, arms, legs that a new album will be at least started to be recorded or worked on by then!

If you’ll like too tell me where you got to see him and what was your highlight of the setlist or just what your live Cave Seeds gig was like this year? Please do!



  1. Pittsburgh, and the highlight was when someone screamed “Nick Cave, I love you!” and he screamed back, “I love you too. I wanna tell you about a girl…”
    And when he sang Magneto to someone in the front row.
    And when I got to hop up on stage for Push the Sky Away before any of the other people I was with realized what I was doing!
    I wish we could’ve seen him do Rings of Saturn…would’ve been amazing! Next time maybe!

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