Wicked Songs: No Teeth by Joel Silbersher + Cover Versions: Bill Withers’ I Don’t Want You On My Mind & The Holy Modal Rounders’ Half A Mind by by Joel Silbersher

Joel Silbersher has released brand new song a few months ago which I missed then. It’s backed by two cool covers, you can buy it on 7″, his band includes The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard on lead guitar with the ex-drummer Mike Noga on well, drums. Now that’s the same line-up as the re-worked Flappin’ On A Hook 7″ I blogged about a little while ago, linked here if you wanted read it again. Now I got to say it would be amazing to have a new Joel solo album maybe with this line-up because it sounds bloody great! Or it is going one 7″ single each year until they have an albums worth of songs? Flappin’ On A Hook was released last year in 2016 but I only got it this year. I picked up No Teeth 7″ at Red Eye Records just the other day so I’ve got to blog about it now but I guess you can get it else where too?

No Teeth is Joel first new track since when, yeah William since when? Good question William, I’m going have think about that! His one and only solo album was Greasy Lens which is linked here too, if wanna listen. Now is says 2015 on that Bandcamp page but that’s the reissue by Remote Control label because it was original released by Dirty Three’s Mick Tuner labels in the year 2002. In 2007 he had Limited Edition CDr EP when he played at Dirty Three ATP fest in old Blighty, only place you could have buy this was there. Maybe one new song but also included re-works of his old songs plus a cover of All Tomorrow’s Parties written by Velvet Underground, also featured Noga playing drums again. This one was titled The Dirth Of Plinth by Joel Silbersher & The Spot Of Bother.

As far as I can tell that was the last new thing he’s release but play gigs around Melbourne and might have put out some other self-released kind-of thingy not listed anywhere online. Please let me know if you know better because I might be wrong by saying this No Teeth is his first new track in ten years. Really, when I just googled this brand new 7″ single not much came up for it anyway too. Now Joel, Mike and Garry play on the first two track but it’s Tim Spicer playing bass and drums on the last song. Tim as far as I can tell is Tech person working on records like The Drones’ Custom Made EP by ATP Recordings. All recording are listed under Spicerack Studios so just guessing he might just be his own studio? Joel name came up in the Tex book when I was reading it, maybe that’s where most of his songs have been going lately? Perkins did say something about he loves co-writing with Silbersher so I should have a look at all the songwriting credits on Perko albums in the last ten years. But still a brand new solo album sometime soon by Joel Silbersher would be a bloody great thing!

Side A: No Teeth

Side B, Track #1: I Don’t Want You On My Mind

Side B, Track #2Half A Mind

It’s on both those streaming sites above so take your pick if you wanna play them right now but go out a buy the vinyl! It’s on Agitated Records which seem to be a UK label and you can find them here at this link.


I Don’t Want You On My Mind was written by Bill Withers in the early 1970’s and Half A Mind was done by The Holy Modal Rounders in the late 1960’s. As with almost any covers on my blog here are the original tracks below for me, you, anyone having a look.

I Don’t Want You On My Mind by Bill Withers:

Half A Mind by The Holy Modal Rounders:

Now if you somehow missed my older blogs posts? Want more Joel right now at this moment on my blog! I’ve wrote about his teenage band called GOD and song My Pal is linked here, his 90’s band called Hoss and track Dirty Cabbage is linked here, his 90’s duo act called Tendrils with the album Soaking Red is there and as noted above his solo Flappin’ On A Hook and I think the album Greasy Lens is there too. Anyway those are all posts exploring great under rated Aussie songwriter Joel Silbersher. I hope whoever you are reading/looking/listening this post, you do very much enjoy it? Cheers!

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