Playlist: My Mixtapes #30

Today is the 30th of Nov. and the end of this month so here’s my 30th mixtape I’m posting on my blog also it’s only the third on CD-r, you know? With all these threes here and the opening song is by The White Stripes plus another track almost at the end, pity there’s not just one more to add up to, you know? So I know Jack White loves the number three so his old band get the featured image, I can’t remember the reason why 3? Can someone please remind me of his logic? A little more info about this mixtape is dated May 2005 and let’s just press plays now, hey?

 Track #1: Little Acorns by The White Stripes

Track #2: Get Ready For Love by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #3: I Hate Myself & I Want To Die (Demo) by Nirvana

Track #4: I Don’t Blame You by Cat Power

Track #5: Protest Song ’68 by Refused

Track #6: One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) by Bob Dylan

Track #7: I Gave You by Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Matt Sweeney

Track #8: Old Time Religion by Woody Guthrie

Track #9: Down By The River by Low & Dirty Three

Track #10: Lost Highway by Jeff Buckley

Track #11: Still In Love by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #12: Love Sick by Bob Dylan

Track #13: Galaxy Of Emptiness by Beth Orton

Track #14: Apple Blossom by The White Stripes 

Track #15: Dead Souls by Joy Division 

Track #16: Cold Water by The Jesus Lizard

Not bad, if you don’t mind me saying myself? The author Henry Miller is quoted by the Swedish band at the start of track five, two covers with Neil Young on track nine and then Hank Williams on track ten. The newest is by Bonnie & Matt from the Superwolf album which only a couple of months old then or is there something even newer I’ve missed? The oldest is Woody version of the traditional Gospel song dating as far back as the late 1800’s. They’re a couple of 70’s songs, a few from the 90’s and the rest are 2000’s tracks which where or would have been new-ish then but I guess now are all old now.

It’s Meg White and that guy from her band The White Stripes!

Is there still any point in asking who dug what?


  1. Get Ready For Love rejuvenated my interest in Nick Cave. I’d been a fan in the past but on that double album I felt he really moved past some of his old stuffs awkwardness and went full blown big band slick. And I liked that. The Lyre felt like a graduation of sorts

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    1. Oh yeah, it’s great song from a great double album. I think it really re-jig Nick too, he did say he was shocked when Blixa left the band but because he was so Anti-rock even if he did play his kind-of rock. It free Nick up to go full blown big band as you call it. But did you know it’s the first time when the four guys who when on to do Grinderman a few years later, they did co-write a lot of those songs together. I guess, he when total big band on that double and then stripped it down a few years later. Do you like those Grinderman albums too?
      Cheers Steve 🙂

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