New Music: In Time by Time For Dreams

So we are in December now, I’m going to try and write about some new albums from this year before they’re not new anymore. Starting with this one and do a few more before the end of the year plus at some point put together my fave music of 2017 list or something too. This album could be close to the top of my picks of this year, maybe even the top so that’s what I should say now and not write endlessly about this and anything, everything else. I’ve notices most big corporations have got put lists out already, some bloggers too and it’s just Dec. today but biggie corps were out even before the end of Nov. I’m not that quick!

Anyway now back to this great album which seem to have flied under everyone’s radar because I loved it so much I’ve gone out looking for what reviews etc. have said about it and came up with not much at all, pity! It should be a little more known than just a little local Aussie band release. See if I can help a tiny bit from my little music blog but most likely not much at all, oh well.

So a little background on this act now for you, if you don’t know? It’s female and male duo from Melbourne known for other stuff in the past but this is the debut album after releasing bits and pieces for a few years now. Staring with the mainly the music side of things, Tom Carlyon: one review I did find did says “trick your mind into thinking the band is a four or five piece” but yeah, it’s pretty much one guy making all this music by himself. Tom was in the 2000’s Australian act Devastations and after three albums and the final one in 2007 titled Yes, U. Two members of the three when on to form a duo called Standish/Carlyon which did release one of my fave albums of 2013 with one called Deleted Scenes. The vox side plus bass player is Amanda Roff: who is known more as a backing singer, sung with and CV reads Paul Kelly, Dan Kelly, Lilith Lane, Don Walker, Fraser A. Gorman, The Drones and her previous main acts are Harmony and The Ukeladies, two albums with Harmony and one with The Ukeladies. Here for In Time album and Time For Dreams act Roff steps up to become the writer of the lyrics, The Ukeladies did covers and Harmony’s words are written by main-man Tom Lyngcoln.

Time For Dreams band is Tom on the left and Amanda is right.

Now I waited and waited for a follow-up album to Deleted Scenes by Standish/Carlyon but so far it’s never came so In Time by Time For Dreams might just be it. I do think it’s a step forward for Tom but it’s still close to that 2013 album but really no big deal because I loved it so much and it’s great to have something new to listen too. If you wanna know I’ve been hammering it over the last few months too. I’ve also got to say something too, which might be a negative or not? It’s a kissing cousin of HTRK too! The other half of Standish/Carlyon, Conrad Standish is married to Jonnine Standish of HTRK who she did sing one song Deleted Scenes but because HTRK have not had anything new since 2014 and who knows when and if it’s happening again, I do keep hearing they’re working on something but I guess it’s just taking forever.

Anyway I’m happy as a pig in mud with In Time album by Time For Dreams duo. Is that a great review or what? I’m happy as a pig in mud, I never did say I’m much of a reviewer and I have said I hate music critics before somewhere on my blog more than once. It’s great new album, one of my faves of this year! Check it out yourself! And see what you think? Let me know?

In Time track listing and times:

1. Projects – 5:00
2. Stranger – 4:02
3. Lighthouse – 4:32
4. Move It – 6:34
5. I Love That Tiger – 2:32
6. Operator – 5:12
7. Orders – 6:17
8. Newscene – 6:22



  1. This sounds really good, William. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be listening. It’s funny — normally a comment like ‘imagine this is 4 or 5 people” would turn me off — I’m not a big synthesizer fan, i like to hear instrumentation. I like to hear different parts being played. There are always exceptions, and this is really good.

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    1. Oh, I lifted that “4 or 5” line from a real live newspaper reviewer and I was kind-of thinking do they really get payed to write stuff like this? But then I just type mostly rubbish and call it a blog so whatever, I guess. Anyway it’s cool you press play and liked it! I’m going to be putting some other newish stuff I dig over the next few days too! So you might like some of them? Who knows? Anyway when the red dot popped up I was just looking your new post and just gone to listen to your youtube playlist, it’s pretty cool so far!
      Cheers 🙂

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