Playlist: My Mixtapes #31

If I remember right, which I could be more likely wrong but maybe just once if I am right it’s around this time of 2005 that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds played an Aussie tour. Playing in Perth W.A. at the Burswood casino theater, I never go to this place because it’s a hellhole and that’s the theater so don’t get me going about the bloody motherfucking casino. If anyone else plays this place I wouldn’t go but I never missed a Bad Seeds show since 18 years old!

Anyway I’ve checked all these mixtapes now on CD-rs, you know? These discs have none, not one, so zero are dated. The closest is by the month, like this one is just late May 2005. I guess I don’t like writing out number or something. So I hope you all enjoyed this one for this Saturday morning blog post because I did!

Track #1: Sheep May Safely Graze by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #2: Tangled Up In Blue (Live) by Bob Dylan

Track #3: The Garden by PJ Harvey

Track #4: Satan Rejected My Soul by Morrissey

Track #5: Stagger Lee by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #6: Wanted Man (Live) by Johnny Cash

Track #7: There Is A Ghost by Marianne Faithfull

Track #8: I See A Darkness by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy  

Track #9: Darker With The Day by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #10: Crawlin’ King Snake by John Lee Hooker

Track #11: Humming by Portishead 

Track #12: Tell Mama (Live) by Janis Joplin

Track #13: There She Goes, My Beautiful World by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #14: In A Funny Way by Mercury Rev

Track #15: Resolve by Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man

Track #16: God Is In The House by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Those five Nick songs are culled from that live setlist, I do remember starting doing that with these mixtapes so when I played it in the car or some other place I would go “oh yeah they played that and this live.” The three disc B-Sides & Rarities boxset was the latest release so they played the opening track above but the newest album was Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus double from 2004. At some point Cave did released two DVD/two CD live thingy from Europe tour called The Abattoir Blues Tour. I’ve only got one track from that new album here but more he played are on the next mixtape, I think? Plus those five songs Cave co-written Faithfull’s track but not that he played that song live, I guess that why I’ve got both of them as the featured image today. Funny I’ve got three live songs but not by The Bad Seeds. Only cover today is by Joplin who’s doing an old Etta James song but Cash is doing a song written by Dylan, not that Bob never played it, I think or did he? Even more older songs this time, covering 60’s and 70’s plus off course 90’s too but John Lee Hooker’s blues would be the oldest one from the 40’s/50’s, then newest track would be by Mercury Rev too.

Marianne and Nick in the mid-2000’s, I know I did say no more Cave photos for mixtapes posts but oh well.

Who enjoyed all that then or just one or in-between? Got something to say about all that or one of them or in-between?

Cheers 🙂


  1. That Morrissey tune gets absolutely hammered round at mine. It’s like he’s having a go at writing a 70’s heavy rock song but can’t help come off like Moz.

    It’s frothier than much of his other solo stuff and the humour in it is spot on

    Liked by 1 person

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