Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Courage

Here’s something a bit different for me today! I’m joining in with the blogging community and not just talk to myself and hoping some readers or followers or whoever dig it or something. Off course thanks to all of you who have, maybe you might want to join in with me doing it. I guess I can invite more to do this too, it seems very opened. It’s  going to be my Sunday post each weekend, hopeful. So the idea is simple a word prompt by blogger Helen, the word is courage this week. I found this thingy this week while looking at Nick Cave posts on WordPress by way of this post by another blogger Kirst posting his Into My Arms song. Last week word was obsession which I think is pretty funny because most people who know me will say I’m just a little obsessed with Cave.

So that’s the intro to this new thing I’m doing on my blog for Sundays. I’ve got to see if can now pull off all the ins and outs of it now. The first is the the song I’ve picked out. Going with the very first thing that popped into my head with the word courage as the theme was the album called Armed Courage by the band The Dead C. Then checking YouTube which is one of the rules the song by The Dead C called Courage is missing but the song Armed is there. If you’ve never heard it or them before, I guessing you haven’t because most people haven’t. This album is made up of only two songs which one is called Armed and other is named Courage plus both go for over 20 min. long. Sorry, I should pick something a bit easy on my first time joining in with all this but oh well!

So that’s the one on YouTube for anyone who wanna press play? Next part of the rules the lyrics which is in the title, off course. Now something about this band I’ve picked to join in with is they never and I mean never ever print or publish the lyrics plus his singing is mixed so low and has not a very normal song format at all, to say the least.

I really should just pick something else but I’ve came this far and I’ve got to be brave and have courage in my choice today. Even if it’s one of the madness music things in my music library, well I think I could find even more madder stuff! Anyway what I can tell the song Armed don’t have any lyrics at all so I’m kind-off missing the point totally of this idea, oh well again. But for say the song Courage it does and I’ve found an edit seven min. version on SoundCloud below.

Courage lyrics:

You falling in

You came down

(I think are the two opening lines as far as I can tell but after that I have no idea, how about you, can you figure it out?)

The Dead C are Bruce Russell, Michael Morley and Robbie Yeats. With often as Russell plays electric guitar, Morley sings and plays electric guitar or laptop, and Yeats plays drums. So the words are by Michael Morley. They’re a New Zealand band that have been going since the mid-80’s and in 2013 when I seen them live they were mind blowing! I did wrote a huge big post last year on the album The White House linked here if you’ll like to read more? Or not? the Armed Courage album was released in 2013 too.

God knows what my new blogging people I’m trying to made friends with think of these tracks? I should have picked something else, hey? Anyway I’ve somehow got to made the pingback thingy work too now as part of the joining in too. It never works for me so this is going interesting if it does this time. Apologetic to anyone who don’t like these songs but all I can say is try and listen with an open mind and turn it up as loud as your speakers can go because as far as I can tell the idea is to intro new music to each other too!

The Dead C from left to right are Robbie Yeats, Michael Morley and Bruce Russell. 

So it’s 10:35AM Sunday morning in Australia so I’m posting this now and have to drive down south. I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow to have a listen to all the other songs posted, other part of this so enjoy!

Cheers 🙂



    1. Ha-ha, oh yeah I might have misunderstand the whole idea a little but oh well. I always try to understand what he’s singing but never have figured it out so far. I’ll keep joining in for the month of Dec. and pick something less mad as bats next time!
      Cheers 🙂


  1. I would have to say this is the most interesting first post that I’ve heard so far. 🙂

    Also, the rules are really only guidelines, so if you prefer to post Soundcloud or some other form of the song so we can listen, that is perfectly fine. The lyrics are also not required, as some people feel uncomfortable posting them. In this case, I think you did a great job and I’m excited to see what you have for the new prompt.

    Thanks again for playing along!

    Liked by 1 person

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