New Music: Drum by Gold Class

Nope, it’s NOT R.E.M. Best of!

Back to some new music for Monday morning and next up in my fave albums of this year that I’ve yet to written something, anything about here on my blog is by the band called Gold Class. Their second album come out earlier this year around Aug. or Sept. plus it’s got to be top three for me. Along with last week’s album by Time For Dreams and the next one coming in hopefully in tomorrow or the next day’s post. I really should have just write a end of year list but I guess I’m trying to figure it all out with these posts I’m writing now and that’s going come a little bit later.

This is an unbelievable band in my opinion, I think in the last year here on my blog I’ve called my fave new band but I guess with the second album they’re not so new now. I fucking love these guys, I fell in love with them on seeing them live the first time maybe two years ago now. Opening set and act at the Golden Plains fest, I never heard or seen anything about them and the person who I was with did a little intro to them but he didn’t do them no justices at all. I don’t think I’m doing any better now here on my blog for them too. That day they were bloody amazing and rip thought the place like they were the headliners act. Seeing them twice this year to keep me hyped for the new album, I’ve written about all these shows on my blog too. The last one was just before this new album out but the whole set was this new album’s track which wasn’t out for a month or two at that point. It seem pretty silly of me to only just to be writing about it at the end of the year now. I think they’re some other posts link here and linked there, if you need more?

So a little about them might help you now dear reader, if you’ve not heard of them yet? Or do you already know? They’re a four piece rock group for Melbourne, Victoria that’s been around about for four years now. If wanna know their names? Evan James Purdey, Adam Curley, Jonathan Shub and Mark Hewitt and the Drum album was produced by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones/TFS, yeah that motherfucking name again on my blog.

It’s a full-on rock album from the first song to pretty much to the last but it does take lead foot speed towards the end of the album. I do love those foot to the floor songs but say track like the mellow Mercurian is wicked cool too. If you’ve not got a hint in this not much of a review but here’s a great new album so why not press and have a listen yourself kind-of post. I guess, waiting until the end of the year to do a little write-up about it, I can now collection all the video clips in one place, below it’s opening three songs interpreted with moving images.

Drum track listing and times:

1. Twist In The Dark – 4:40
2. Rose Blind – 3:23
3. Get Yours – 3:25
4. Trouble Fun – 4:23
5. Bully – 4:25
6. Thinking Of Strangers – 3:49
7. We Were Never Too Much – 3:36
8. Mercurian – 2:57
9. Place We Go – 5:02
10. Lux – 4:47


So who digs this band already, who digs it now and who maybe didn’t dig it at all?

Cheers 🙂


  1. There is a lot of Joy Division, Editors and Gang of Four In their sound. Thayer can only all be good things. I liked the three tracks you posted a lot. They are definitely a band to look out for. That video which makes a feature on one shot and some nice editing is pretty great too.

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