Playlist: My Mixtapes #32

Well, I got to say today on my mid-week post: I was thinking some of those mixtapes on cassette tapes before back when I started to do these posts were good but some were not so great, even some going on a little bit bad at times but so far of these now mixtapes on CD-r’s I’ve really enjoyed them. It’s only been the last few posts, going back to #28 of the set. I guess it was only, what’s the maths? Ten, eleven, twelve years ago or something but were some of those cassette tapes was when I was a teenage or something. I guess readers or listeners of this blog might have got a little bored by all of them not because it’s getting less hits but oh well, thanks to who are is still into it! I think these ones are better, what about you dear reader/listener do you think that or not? Just the same? or whatever? Anyway this one and only mixtape from the month of June and year of 2005, please press plays and enjoy!

Track #1: Wait & Bleed by Slipknot

 Track #2: Blue Orchid by The White Stripes

Track #3: Hiding All Away by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

 Track #4: All I Really Want To Do (Live) by Bob Dylan

Track #5: Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

Track #6: The Art Teacher (Live) by Rufus Wainwright

Track #7: The Other Woman by Jeff Buckley

Track #8: Bird Gerhl by Antony & The Johnsons

Track #9: The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera

Track #10: Breathless by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #11: Travelling Riverside Blues by Robert Johnson

Track #12: Silver City Bound (Live) by Nina Simone

Track #13: Mis’ry Is Middle Name by Warren Ellis & John Ellis

Track #14: The Classical by The Fall

Track #15: Summer Holiday Vs. Punk Routine by Refused

Track #16: Abattoir Blues by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Track #17: Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Place Of King Phillip XIX Of Spain by John Fahey

Track #18: The One You Love by Rufus Wainwright

Track #19: First-Time Mother’s Joy (Flying) by Mercury Rev

Track #20: I Hope There’s Someone by Antony & The Johnsons

Cave once again has the highest number of songs, which all three were played at the live gig I was talking about in the last post about my mixtapes, linked here if wanna it. Got a couple of tracks each by Rufus and Anohni, both the then new albums Want Two and I Am A Bird were release around this time or maybe I must have just got them. Then plus that was the first taste/single of the then upcoming new The White Stripes album. The oldest track would be the blues again by Johnson this time. I’ve also got my first real straight up metal and pop songs on these mixtapes CDr’s but not the last time, you know? Jeff does Nina cover and then Nina does a Leadbelly cover live, yet another three more live recordings. Once again a few different decades of music are included above too. If you wanna know more about that Warren Ellis with his old man track? I did write a whole post about the album it’s from at the very start of this year linked here for you. What else can I say about these song or should I just shut up now!

Anohni as she is known now but back in mid-2000’s, anyway I’ve forget how amazing or just got be one of greatest singers ever on the face of the earth!

I don’t know about you? But I enjoyed this one too!

Cheers 🙂

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