New Music: Forced Witness by Alex Cameron

So back to the next album today I wanna share with everyone looking at this blog is Alex Cameron. He’s a Sydney bloke who’s former of the three piece band Seekae, who’s first two albums were masterpieces. Well, that’s my opinion about those but then Cameron started to sing on the third album and I totally disliked that one plus his debut solo album around the sametime I didn’t dig that much at all. Last year Seekae did release one new track/single which I fell in love with them again but that was it, nothing else. Then in Sept. Alex dropped his second solo album and now finally I’ve come around to him.

Here on his new album, I think he’s really stepping away from that now older stuff he did when he was younger and become his own self. Worth noting here the third Seekae album and his first solo album was much more successful than the earlier stuff I love so much. It seems he’s much popular since becoming a solo artist, he did at first give his debut album away for free.

When the first single for Forced Witness called Candy May dropped as the first taste I lost my mind and hammered it non-stop. Since then he’s been dropping videos galore which are all collected below in one place. All these promo videos have a very cinematic look to them and then in the final track on the album video clip is just like the end credits in a movie. You might know some of the names, players there too as main man themselves normally like say Jack Ladder, Kirin J Callinan etc. Off course I’ve got to give kudos to Ron Molloy playing some of the greatest horn solos since god knows when. Big name Angel Olsen sings a duet with Alex at the almost midway point too.

In brief and to finish up my little write-up here for my Thursday post this week, it’s end up as one of my fave albums of the year and I think you should check it all out now too!

Forced Witness track listing and times:

1. Candy May – 4:08
2. Country Figs – 4:11
3. Runnin’ Outta Luck – 3:51
4. Stranger’s Kiss (duet with Angel Olsen) – 4:01
5. True Lies – 3:52
6. Studmuffin96 – 3:15
7. The Chihuahua – 4:06
8. The Hacienda – 4:31
9. Marlon Brando – 4:44
10. Politics Of Love – 4:31


So who else digs his new album too?

Cheers 🙂


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