New Music: Twin Peaks (Soundtracks) by Various Artists

So next is the brand new Twin Peaks music to go with the return of the TV show this year, not all totally new music but I’ve got to thrown in a post about it. If your not a fan of the show you might just like/love the music because it’s pretty great stuff by itself. Three soundtrack albums were released this year to go with it so including all of them together in the one spot on my blog. Earlier this year I did included the old late 80’s/early 90’s original series soundtrack in my fave albums of all-time linked here, if need be.

David Lynch, the shows writer and director totally out did himself this time, amazing to think he’s not made a movie for over ten years and it’s been over 25 since this show was first on air. Music has always been so important to him and he didn’t disappoint me updating everything to the year 2017. Just got to be one of my fave albums, not just soundtrack but I think it’s the one with the red and black cover that I love a little more, if you wanna know?

My fave track from the whole thing is Tarifa by Sharon Van Etten:

Then closely follow by the total poplar opposite She’s Gone Away by Nine Inch Nails:

 Twin Peaks Bang Bang Bar Songs track listing with song, artist and times:

1. Twin Peaks Main Theme (Edit) – Angelo Badalamenti – 1.29
2. Shadow – Chromatics – 3.45
3. Missisippi – The Cactus Blossoms – 3.59
4. Lark – Au Revoir Simone – 4.16
5. I Am – Blunted Beatz – 1.46
6. I Love How You Love Me – The Paris Sisters – 2.05
7. Snake Eyes – Trouble – 3.52
8. Tarifa – Sharon Van Etten – 4.46
9. She’s Gone Away – Nine Inch Nails – 6.00
10. My Prayer – The Platters – 2.46
11. No Stars – Rebekah Del Rio – 7.21
12. Viva Las Vegas – Shawn Colvin – 4.47
13. Just You – James Marshall – 3.35
14. Green Onions – Booker T. & The MG’s – 2.53
15. Wild West – Lissie – 3.39
16. Sharp Dressed Man – ZZ Top – 4.14
17. Axolotl – The Veils – 3.03
18. Out Of Sand – Eddie Vedder – 3.27
19 I’ve Been Loving You Too Long To Stop Now (Live Monterey) – Otis Redding – 4.05
20. The World Spins – Julee Cruise – 6.38

Now I’m just calling that one the Bang Bang Bar songs, which the original title is something else but it’s so confusing even where I order it online I got two copy’s of this sent to me were I wanted one of that and the one of the instrumental score music with grey, green and brown cover. This next one has the kind-of stole the show moment for me with mind blowing Witold Rowicki‘s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima, you have to listen to this right now!

Off course David Lynch’s soundtrack and score main guy for years and years mainly has been Angelo Badalamenti, working together since the early 80’s. Here for the brand new Twin Peaks he is on it but is tone down to the point were all the others did make more impact, well at least for me. This one maybe you would need to most likely be a fan of the show. I guess you can dig it without seeing the show but then again maybe you couldn’t care less about any of this music because you haven’t seen it. Oh, well your lost!

Oh, I did almost forget yet another related soundtrack to the show called Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△ by Dean Hurley. Which was released before those other two above is below too, maybe not as great but still worth a listen. These are more sound effects than anything, if you want to call it something?



Who else out there enjoy the show, the music and pretty much everything about the return of Twin Peaks? Or did you bloody hate it? Or maybe somewhere in between?

Cheers 🙂


      1. I quite liked the main theme, very haunting…I might watch the new series to see how it compares. I don’t think X Files is as good as it used to be, likewise Fargo. The first series of that was good – good soundtrack too – then the others never really lived up to the hype…

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      2. Oh yeah, so very haunting! I loved the new season way better than the old one, this post is all the music in the brand new show, you know?
        Totally agree the new X-Files was a little disappointing but I’ve never seen Fargo TV show, how could it be better than the old movie?
        If and when you watch the new Twin Peaks I hope you like it or at least you can dig all the music!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, that was so disappointing!
      I total loved the new Twin Peaks but I waited so long and wanted Lynch to do something like that for a long time, being a long time fan it was beyond perfect for me! It’s got total great music too!
      Cheers Steve again 🙂

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