Shall Be Released: Bootikins by Augie March

Well, the upcoming albums for 2018 just keep on coming thick and fast but the one that jumped out at me and I’m looking forward to next is this. Yeah, yet another Aussie band called Augie March and that’s the first taste above in lyric video title track. Released on 23rd of Feb. BTW which is that is the same day as Sarah Blasko which I wrote about a week or so ago here. Blasko supported Augie the first time I seen her live actually back in the good old 2000’s.

The biggest news other than it’s a new record by them is that Tony Cohen, legend Aussie producer came out of retirement to work on this album sadly passing away since then. Cohen promise to himself that he’d one day do something with Augie March, here’s my own little catalog of fave Tony moments in a old post I did for him too. Recorded in both Hobart and Melbourne this year.

Pre-order Bootikins here! This new album next year makes it Augie March sixth record but singer-songwriter Glenn Richard did do one solo album too. So I’m calling it seventh plus don’t forget a few EP’s over the years as well. I guess, just like I did with Sarah when I did pre-order her album now I did the same thing with Augie. So YouTube-ing old songs by them and I might as well add them below too, hey?

Starting with Stop Breathing from the Thanks For The Memes EP (1998):

The Mothball from Waltz EP (1999):

Debut album came in 2000 with Sunset Studies and you just got to listen to There Is No Such Place:

Then the follow-up in 2002 with Strange Bird and my fave got to be This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers:

A few years past before Moo, You Bloody Choir album in 2006 I want to hear Just Passing Through:

In 2008 came Watch Me Disappear album so here’s Dogday:

Then Glenn Richards’ solo album Glimjack in 2010 with then half The Drones’ Dan and Mike playing in his band, here’s Long Pigs:

The last Augie March album was back in 2014 with Havens Dumb and just listen to the epic track Definitive History:

So that’s one track from each release as a brief selection of them if you never hear them before or if you have but maybe not for a while?

In the studio with Augie March and Tony Cohen, singer-songwriter Glenn Richards and Cohen with theirs arms around each other!


I hope you dig them too? Because it’s so good to have them back, I missed them!

Cheers 🙂

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