Live Gigs: King Parrot, Disentomb & Pagan @ Badlands + New Music: Ugly Produce by King Parrot

So some heavy shit for Thursday morning post because Wednesday night in Northbridge for $30 had a better line-up than the whole of the very first Aussie Download Fest, well maybe that’s just me? King Parrot are on the bill and I would like to see Mastodon and Suicidal Tendencies but the headliners was very disappointing line-up, who the hell whats to see Korn, Limp Biscuit and Good Charlotte live in this day and age? Maybe metalheads do? I don’t but I think I would like some other smaller acts down the bill?

Anyway last night this gig with three of the best heavy acts going right now, all are Aussie off course at this new-ish glitter shit Perth venue. I say it’s glitter shit because as you walk in that’s what it looks like someone has covered the walls in, you know the saying? “you can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter” Well, that’s someone great way to do some interior design here, I think it’s suppose to be like a cave or something? Even glitter crap is dripping from the ceiling. I’ve been here a few times to the so called Badlands this year to see a few diff. gigs but this is the very first I’ve wrote-up on my blog. I could go on and on about how crap the venue looks or how glitter crap but the music is fucking killer so let’s just move on to that, OK?

I did miss the local Perth support band, walking in on the last couple of songs but got there early just to see Melbourne’s Pagan, oh my god they didn’t disappoint! Far from it maybe even enjoined them as much as the main act. Those are five tracks so far by the band above, I can reported the debut album is coming next year. More Punk than Metal, even thanked King Parrot for putting a punk band on the bill. Whoever or whatever her name is? The singer of Pagan can bloody sing, even up showing the other male singers on the night, even King Parrot dude. Finishing the set with my new fave song Good Grief!

Then next up is just the most brutal of all brutal death metal acts Disentomb from Brissy. The Misery album is got to be coming close to being called one of the greatest Aussie metal album of all-time now. I totally enjoyed these guys live too, all three acts last night was epic really. That Misery album from 2014 so not very new at all but because that’s just got to be one of the ultimate brutal death metal album, do we need something new sometime? Well, yeah so reporting here today again a new album by them is coming next year, one new track played last night was called Bang Your Head and Don’t Be A Shit Cunt. 


To tell the truth I’ve only listen to the new album a couple times since they released in late Sept. but it’s the third album by Melbourne’s King Parrot. Who’s named after the Australian King Parrot bird or and Aussie slang for that annoying guy that just won’t shut up. Sub-style of metal is grindcore, if you need it narrowed down for you? They rise in the Aussie local metal scene in the 2010’s quickly also touring oversea too. Plus the biggest fan of the band would be Pantera and Down vocalist Phil Anselmo who recorded the second and last album Dead Set from 2015 at his own studio in Louisiana. The debut album Bite Your Head Off from 2012 is most likely considered an Aussie metal stone cold classic already.

They’re one of Australia’s best live act going over the last few years in any style of music at all. Total insanity broke loose when King Parrot hit the stage, the mosh or circle pit just automatically turned into some kind-of a swimming pool of $5 Emu Export cans the bar was selling all night. Total pure mad crazy shit from the very first to the last song which was off course was Shit On A Liver, also playing an AC/DC cover for Malcolm Young too with old and new stuff between all of it, could not be more perfect!


 Go and see them if they all come to your town! Cheers KP for pulling on a wicked great show on a Wednesday night and bring some killer acts with you, just got to be one of my best gigs I’ve been to in 2017!

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