Cover Versions: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ Red Right Hand by Iggy Pop & Jarvis Cocker

Plus a few other things by them all, it should say but it don’t!

Yet another cover of this classic Cave and his Bad Seeds track now by Pop and Cocker is so very rock n’ roll version of the song for the BBC’s TV Show Peaky Blinders new season. Apparently English folk singer Laura Marling has also covered the very same song for later in the the same season too, her more mellow version is coming soon. Original Red Right Hand was on the 1994 album Let Love In, you know?

Now here on my Friday morning post this week and just to keep it interesting it’s turned into all Cave, Pop and Cocker music moments together below, no matter how vague. Hope you guys and girls enjoy these?


The Birthday Party who’s Cave early band back in the 80’s love to cover The StoogesLoose song live for encores mainly.

Iggy Pop and Nick Cave sung together featuring Thurston Moore on crazy guitar solo on Nobody’s City from The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project album called Axels & Sockets in 2014. Song written by The Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce, this is the third volume of his songs to be recorded by other artists.

Just only earlier this year cartoon and real life Pop stared in an ad from Peta with his own dog too sound-tracked by Cave’s song from 2004 called Breathless.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds did record two “bad” cover versions of Disco 2000 by Pulp one more slower recording used as B-Side for Pulp’s 2002 song called Bad Cover Version.

Then released on the deluxe reissue of the Pulp album Different Class the Cave’s Pub Rock version was finally out on the second disc.

Jarvis previous star in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds promo video clip for 2001’s Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow co-starring with Aussie actors Jason Donovan and Noah Taylor plus other friends dancing around like silly buggers.

So talking about silly buggers, I can’t forget about Cocker’s Meltdown fest. 2007 and the Disney night when Cocker got Cave plus Shane Macgowan and Pete Doherty howling like dogs for Home Sweet Home from Disney’s movie Lady & The Tramp.

Nick Cave also performs Hi Diddle Dee Dee from Pinocchio film and then with Pere Ubu’s David Thomas they did Heigh Ho from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Bad recording above, I do wish from some kind-of official release but Disney company had a bit of a problem with these live versions of their songs.

Now some happy snaps with Nick and…

Pop and Cave first meeting with Mudhoney’s Mark Arm @ The Big Day Out fest 1993.
Cave locked in jail with The Gun Club’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce back in the late 80’s.
Cave and ex-Sonic Youth Thurston Moore in Austin, Texas 2013.
Cave with David Thomas leaving the stage arm in arm after Hi Ho in 2007
Cave howling like a dog with Jarvis, Shane Macgowan & Pete Doherty in 2007.
Cave and Cocker with Lou Reed in 2006 in Dublin singing Leonard Cohen together, sorry no videos of that just this photo.


I think that’s everything? I don’t think I’ve forgot anything? I’ve got a bit side track here but who wouldn’t want all related Nick, Iggy and Jarvis stuff together in one easy post?

Cheers 🙂



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