New Music: Wind River (Soundtrack) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Just got to say somehow these two blokes soundtracks get better and better, you know? Wind River is the latest, released a couple months back now. Now it did miss out on my soundtrack of the year award last week or whenever I put that list together but maybe today I would call it the runner up because I’m writing about it now. One review I did read when it came out called it the sequel to the Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album from last year, Warren and Nick have had a couple of soundtracks since then but I would agree with that call.

At the start of this year Cave himself did say the two of them have been working like crazy on movie scores, mainly doing them since the release of the new Bad Seeds album the year before when kicking off the Bad Seeds tour in Australia. Then for the Europe leg of the same tour the track called Three Season In Wyoming seemed to be played over the PA just before the band enter the stage to play too. Wind River looks like it’s going to be the last one of this year to be released.

Today is a very winter cold Monday morning here in Perth Australia, even last night’s Johnny Farnham, Mondo Rock, Kate Ceberano and The Badloves’ outdoor show being rescheduled to February 4 and Langley Park’s Carols by Candlelight totally cancelled. Summer was suppose to start at the beginning of this month but it don’t feels like it at all. So this music seem like the right thing to listen today as well write about. I was playing the soundtrack album of Wind River to someone just the other day when the weather wasn’t so bad and they were saying the music feels so freezing cold and like it should be snowing like say as it does in the film. I’ve not seen the movie again, If you want to know I’m a bit behind seeing all the things these blokes are making the music for like I’ve still not seen Hell Or High Water from last year or the Mars TV show from early this or the Netflix’s Brad Pitt War Machine movie plus Ellis solo did the music for Aussie film Bad Girl which I missed too.

Anyway I really enjoy this album soundtrack, totally amazing music to sum up briefly. I seem to been going on about soundtracks in the last week or so with both The Walking Dead and Twin Peaks which I have seen but this one will be the last of 2017, OK? I will see it at some point because the trailer does look pretty great and off course to see how the music works with those moving images. Oh, it stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen and is from the debut director Taylor Sheridan, the screenwriter of Sicario and Hell Or High Water. Here’s the preview now:

Do you know? You can buy snow white vinyl or digipack CD soundtrack here with the art work like this below.

Wind River soundtrack album track listing:

01. Snow Wolf
02. Zed
03. Tell Me What That Is
04. First Journey
05. First Body
06. Second Journey
07. Breakdown
08. Never Gonna Be The Same
09. Hunter
10. Meth House
11. Bad News
12. Third Journey
13. Second Body
14. Lecture
15. Corey’s Story
16. See You Tomorrow
17. Three Season In Wyoming
18. Cabin
19. Shoot Out
20. Snow Flight
21. Memory Time
22. Survive or Surrender
23. Wind River


 What do you think about it? Have you had a listen yet? Seen the movie? Or what to say anything else now?

Cheers 🙂



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