Playlist: Most Listened Tracks of 2017

OK, this is going to pretty insane playlist today because well to start with it’s fifty tracks! It might be all overkill and no one out there even listen to it but here it is if you need something to listen to today on this Tuesday morning or when you see this post?

So above is the first playlist I made in Spotify in a very, very longtime! Running from number 50 to 1 as my most played songs of 2017. Someone did ask me to use Spotify more a little while ago but I haven’t really until now, my go to streaming music place is YouTube. Then I really like to use Bandcamp and Soundcloud after all that comes Spotify but today it’s only the green dot thingy.

Pointing out NOT everything is on Spotify so missing today is a few major omissions like two acts in my albums list from the other day are missing here: Pale Heads and Time For Dreams. Plus then Einstürzende Neubauten and The Necks are also missing but I will not go on and on what else! Also pointing out if you’ve not noticed, it’s any year I’ve NOT edited it down to only this year. It’s got alot of tracks from 2017 but other years too.

So it’s also a bit of guess work trying to figure all this out. Some what play counts on my laptop music player, ifuckingtunes plus the scrobbler but both are most likely unreliable because half the time don’t work like the red dot thingy only is counting what I stream now, WTF? And then ifuckingtunes will need to be reset. Then off course there is the home CD, tape player, vinyl record player plus then the CD player in my car. Oh, I forgot my ipod classic which is 160GB full which I never now plug into the laptop. BTW no music is on my phone if you’ll like to know, the only thingy that’s not got any! So talking a lot of rubbish this morning but I think these are my most played songs  this year minus the tracks missing from Spotify, off course.

So below is the full list from number 1 to 50 if you’ll just like to look at my songs and not listen or both. This is how mad list goes like: number, artist, song, the release it’s lifted from and (year):

1. Batpiss — Weatherboard Man – Rest In Piss (2017)
2. Mark Lanegan — Beehive – Gargoyle (2017)
3. Gold Class — Life As A Gun – It’s You (2015)
4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Jesus Alone – Skeleton Tree (2016)
5. Tropical Fuck Storm — Chameleon Paint – Chameleon Paint/Mansion Family (2017)
6. Red House Painters — Mistress – Rollercoater (1993)
7. Mark Kozelek — If You Want Blood – What’s Next To The Moon (2001)
8. Mark Kozelek & Desertshore — Hey You Bastards I’m Still Here – Mark Kozelek & Desertshore (2013)
9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Anthrocene –  Skeleton Tree (2016)
10. Gold Class — Twist In The Dark – Drum (2017)
11. Lost Animal — Too Late To Die Young – You Yang (2016)
12. Sun Kil Moon — Little Rascals – Universal Themes (2015)
13. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Magneto – Skeleton Tree (2016)
14. Ed Kuepper — Pavane – Lost Cities (2015)
15. Swans — Love Of Life – Love Of Life (1992)
16. Lost Animal — Where It Ends – You Yang (2016)
17. Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle — You Missed My Heart – Perils From The Sea (2013)
18. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Rings Of Saturn – Skeleton Tree (2016)
19. Tropical Fuck Storm — Soft Power – Soft Power/Lose The Baby (2017)
20. Alex Cameron — Candy May – Forced Witness (2017)
21. Leonard Cohen — You Want It Darker – You Want It Darker (2016)
22. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — The Weeping Song – The Good Son (1990)
23.  Radiohead — Burn The Witch – A Moon Shaped Pool (2016)
24. Black Cab — Combat Boots – Games of the XXI Olympiad (2014)
25. Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders — Cold Feet – Hurtsville (2011)
26. Sharon Van Etten — Serpents – Tramp (2012)
27. Gold Class — Rose Blind – Drum (2017)
28. Tropical Fuck Storm — Lose The Baby – Soft Power/Lose The Baby (2017)
29. Jen Cloher — Mount Beauty – In Blood Memory (2011)
30. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Girl In Amber – Skeleton Tree (2016)
31. Lost Animal — Cross The Water – You Yang (2016)
32. John Grant — Marz – Queen Of Denmark (2010)
33. Holly Throsby — What Do You Say? (Featuring Mark Kozelek) – After A Time (2017)
34. Flume — Trust (Featuring Isabella Manfredi) – Skin Companion EP I (2016)
35. Kirin J Callinan — Bravado – Bravado (2017)
36. Eddy Current Suppression Ring — Colour Television – Primary Colours (2008)
37. The Peep Tempel — Kalgoorlie – Joy (2016)
38. Joel Silbersher — No Teeth – No Teeth (2017)
39. Tropical Fuck Storm — Mansion Family – Chameleon Paint/Mansion Family (2017)
40. PVT — Kangaroo – New Spirit (2017)
41. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — Higgs Boson Blues – Push the Sky Away (2013)
42. The Saints — Messin’ With The Kid – (I’m) Stranded (1976)
43. Adam and the Ants — Antmusic – Kings Of The Wild Frontier (1980)
44. Sepultura — Ratamahatta – Roots (1997)
45. Sun Kil Moon — The Highway Song – Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood (2017)
46. Jesu/Sun Kil Moon — Needles Disney – 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth (2017)
47. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis — Space X – Mars (2017)
48. John Grant — Voodoo Doll – Grey Tickles, Black Pressure (2015)
49. Adalita — Trust Is Rust – All Day Venus (2013)
50. Angelo Badalamenti — Twin Peaks Theme – Twin Peaks (1990)

The three blokes in the band called Batpiss but the cat is not in the band, you know? They win my song of the year award or the most played track, same thing!

Well, I hope you enjoy all that! Did you listen to it or look at my list of songs? BTW who would like to say something about YouTube vs. Spotify? Which is better or do you like the best? Which one should I use for my playlist posts? Or do you even care?

Cheers 🙂

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