Blogging Highlights: 2017

It’s Wednesday the 20th of Dec. today, Xmas only is just a few days away and I’ve be blogging mad everyday this month but here’s my last post of the year now! I’m going to have the next couple of weeks off blogging! OK? I’m going to sum up my year blogging and highlight some posts you might have missed or not? But first thanks to anyone and everyone who check out my little world of madness or just read, look, listen to my blog even if it’s still full of bad dyslexic typos and I’ve not got any better at the bloody motherfucking English writing. I’ll love to share a pig’s ear with each and every one of you so big cheers to you all!

My biggest post this year was my middle finger rant about Australia Day and couple of songs by an Aussie hardcore band called Dispossessed, now only one blogger liked it but it was repost on various websites so when a bit mad on social media now adding up into the thousands of hits or views, unbelievable! 

Following that was my big scoop of the year, beating everyone that’s including all the “real” Aussie music websites who did catch on after a while too but Gareth Liddiard’s cover song of Vincent Van Gogh by Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, social media madness again and after these couple I’ve had a few reposts etc. but nothing like these two posts!

Both those are linked above, just click anywhere in the whole paragraph and just click the words below for more links, you know? Anything Gaz Liddiard, The Drones and Tropical Fuck Storm have been popular here on my blog since with GL’s top ten albums of all-time. Two more covers have been other faves with readers/listeners with TFS doing Mansion Family by The Nation Blue and Laura Jean doing Taman Shud by The Drones also off course the debut song by TFS with Chameleon Paint was all big hitters here.

My very own fave or classic albums have been more popular than I ever did think they would be with even last years’ posts like ones on The Necks’ Sex album and Cave’s Henry’s Dream album are still very highly viewed. With the new posts success were Dave Graney’s Soft N’ Sexy Sound album and Laughing Clowns’ Law Of Nature album both re-posted by the acts themselves too. Plus then highest have been PJ Harvey’s Rid Of Me album and Strokes’ Is This It album this year. Other ones from my CA posts have been pretty amazingly popular too, it’s just dumbfounding to me really. I might focus more on these posts next year, try and make them a little better somehow?

Nick Cave posts have been big success here too with his Inspired tracks as his highest viewed post then closely followed by his Rarities post, then with David McComb drunk singalong and his Meltdown fest. too. My new albums I’ve blogged have not been very successful at all other than say the live album by Swans, the cass. tape only Pale Heads album but me talking about new music has been few and far between this year with a stockpile of posts only coming this month. My mixtape playlists most popular post was off course Mike Patton’s high 5 radio show and then it was number 16 and number 26 for some reason? I started to listening to all 1001 albums before you die book in the context of each year with 1971 post seems to be the highest year, so far. Adam Ant live gig was the most popular show I’d seen. Chris Cornell RIP post was my best tribute of all the rockstars passing away according to the stats too.

Have your say about my little blog now! Please tell me what you dig or don’t now? I really like to known what you think about it? What’s the best or worst things about it? Anything I can improve? I’m going to try and be more involved in the blogging community next year is something I wanted to do.

So a lot of links today with no real music on this post today maybe the first time ever but you might want to look back at some or even all my older posts if you really need music to listen to while I’m away on holidays? Wishing everyone happy Xmas next week and a great new years after that!

Cheers! 🙂

This is me blogging at my office job not doing any real work, off course!


  1. A great year William. I always enjoy your blogs, though you write way too much for me to keep up – a good thing of course. Keep doing your stuff – we’re enjoying it. Have a good Christmas etc. Peter

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