Playlist: 10 Songs I voted for in Triple’s J Hottest 100

No you can’t vote for a 100 songs, just ten! I know it’s not fair but I didn’t make the rules. So I’m back blogging today Thursday, the fourth of Jan. and my first post of 2018 is pretty brain dead too because it’s just ten songs I picked to vote for. An Australian radio has this thing which they now say it’s the biggest world wide. Vote here yourself if you’ll like too?

I don’t know if the rest of the world knows but it’s compulsory to vote here, not for the hottest 100 but the real Aussie elections but in the hottest 100 you do have more to choose from. The last few years I just pick what is already on the voting website, before that for a few years or couple I added my own picks that wasn’t on the list but they were never, ever going to made it. I guess, the real point is wanting the songs you vote to come in, so while getting drunk and listening to the radio maybe the only time all year you hear the song or songs you voted for. I did do a post last year of want I did listen too, linked here if you want compare these two lists or something? So with that in mind and not really the best or your fave but because I’m an old bastard now and not really triple j age group, teenyboppers.

I think the only time I’ve picked the overall winning song, like the track that came in at number one or winning track of the year was only once which pretty bad because this thingy has been going since I was a teenage myself. Augie March’s One Crowned Hour was last time I did get something right in the year 2006 but I pick top ten song The Preatures’ Is This How You Feel? too from year 2013. So I do have a very, very, very bad record voting and picking songs that are going to make the cut! If you want even more proof how bad I’m at this, I did post the songs I voted for the year before on my blog, thinking some would make it but only one got in right at the tail end of it, here’s that post linked if you wanna laugh now?

Kirin J CallinanBravado

Alex CameronCandy May

Tropical Fuck StormChameleon Paint

Arcade FireEverything Now

Preatures, TheEverything Now {triple j Like A Version}

Jen Cloher – Forgot Myself

Sarah BlaskoPhantom

Mikey YoungSocks

Jack Ladder & The DreamlandersSusan

Gold ClassTwist In The Dark

I do hope these ones make it but god knows? Maybe not, going on what I said at the top of the page! I’ve talked about everything above here on my blog last year already, all are linked in the title if you wanna know what the hell was saying at the time and I don’t remember now. Minus Everything Now which is finally show up twice which I know is a bit stupid plus Socks is never going to make it in a million years.


Anyway did you vote too? What do you think of my songs that I voted for?



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