Playlist: Jen Cloher’s 100 Songs By Australian Women That You Need To Know

I should say this is somewhat re-posted for somewhere else and not by me expected it’s me typing madly here at the beginning and then at the end. Jen Cloher is not writing all this gibber at the start, it’s me. So after yesterday’s post on Indigenous Aussie comp album today I’m focusing on yet another somewhat minority in Aussie music. As a side-note to explain both posts, if I need too! I was also reading last week somewhere else how still even last year, in the year 2017 where white males donated this music scene here in Australia. So I’m kind-of combating that this weekend, myself being both male and white I’m going to try do my little bit here on my blog plus hopefully keep it going.

This is original from last year too were the great singer-songwriter Jen Cloher taken over the Aussie radio station double J and played all these tracks, now is made into a spotify playlist of 96 tracks plus one of her own songs ending it all off with. Also I did figured out the missing ones which are embedded as youtube clips and then even bandcamp EP because it’s the only place I can find that.

Because I have no life myself I was listening to them all last night and this morning again, I did even listen to the radio last year just to hear Jen on air too. I do wish this was some kind-of a comp album, not just a playlist but maybe I’ve got to get all the albums these songs are lifted from now or is that going to far? At least my fave ones which I’ve not got! On her self-titled album for last year Jen sings the lyrics “We’re all from down under, where no one hears our thunder” which is some brilliant rhyming in her song called Great Australian Bite but it’s true too. Now to quote Jen from the radio/website now:

“I was inspired by a list that NPR put together – The 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women… So I thought it would be a really cool thing to take a similar approach, but looking at women in Australian music.”

Now the full list which is just cut and paste from there but it is edited just a tiny little bit by me: 

Adalita – ‘The Repairer’ (Adalita, 2011)
Abbe May – ‘Mammalian Locomotion’ (Design Desire, 2011)
Angie Hart – ‘Cold Hearted Killer’ (Grounded Bird, 2007)
Anita Lane – ‘Jesus Almost Got Me’ (Dirty Pearl, 1993)
Robyn Archer – ‘Dicks Don’t Grow On Trees’ (Take Your Partners For… The Ladies Choice, 1978)
Ainslie Wills – ‘Fighting Kind’ (You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine, 2012)
Tina Arena – ‘Chains’ (Don’t Ask, 1994)
Baby Animals – ‘Early Warning’ (Baby Animals, 1991)
Big Scary – ‘Harmony Sometimes’ (Not Art, 2013)
Brous – ‘Streamers’ (Brous, 2011)
Beaches – ‘Out Of Mind’ (She Beats, 2013)
Beccy Cole – ‘Millionaires’ (ft. Kasey Chambers) (Beccy’s Biggest Hits, 2013)
Bertie Blackman – ‘Heart’ (Secrets and Lies, 2009)
Banoffee – ‘With Her’ (Do I Make You Nervous, 2015)
Vika and Linda Bull – ‘Ninety Nine Years’ (Vika and Linda, 1994)
Sarah Blasko – ‘We Won’t Run’ (As Day Follows Night, 2009)
Clouds – ‘Hieronymous’ (Penny Century, 1991)
Clare Bowditch – ‘Monday Comes’ (Autumn Bone, 2004)
CATCALL – ‘Satellites’ (Magic Silver White Remix) (The Warmest Place, 2012)
Courtney Barnett – ‘Elevator Operator’ (Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit, 2015)
Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes – ‘Love Letter’ (Baby Caught the Bus, 2012)
Cable Ties – ‘Same For Me’ (Cable Ties, 2016)
Camp Cope – ‘Done’ (Camp Cope, 2016)
Caitlin Park – ‘Lemonade’ (The Sleeper, 2012)
Christine Anu – ‘Island Home’ (Stylin Up, 1995)
Deborah Conway – ‘It’s Only The Beginning’ (String of Pearls, 1991)
Do Re Mi – ‘Man Overboard’ (Domestic Harmony, 1985)
Dick Diver – ‘New Start Again’ (New Start Again, 2011)
Divinyls – ‘Boys In Town’ (Desperate, 1983)
Deadstar – ‘Don’t It Get You Down’ (Milk, 1997)
Emma Donovan and The Putbacks – ‘My Goodness’ (Dawn, 2014)
Ella Thompson and The Bamboos – ‘Medicine Man’ (Medicine Man, 2012)
Eurogliders – ‘Heaven (Must Be There)’ (Island, 1985)
Frente! – ‘Accidentally Kelly Street’ (Marvin The Album, 1992)
Falling Joys – ‘Lock It’ (Wish List, 1990)
George – ‘Breathe in Now’ (Polyserena, 2002)
The Grates – ‘Trampoline’ (Gravity Won’t Get You High, 2006)
Renee Geyer – ‘Sweet Love’ (Ready To Deal, 1975)
Hiatus Kaiyote – ‘Nakamarra’ (Tawk Tomahawk, 2013)
HTRK – ‘HA’ (Marry Me Tonight, 2009)
High Tension – ‘Bully’ (Bully, 2015)
Holly Throsby – ‘Would You?’ (ft. Will Oldham) (A Loud Call, 2008)
Helen Reddy – ‘I Am Woman’ (I Am Woman, 1972)
Ruby Hunter – ‘Down City Streets’ (Charcoal Lane, 1990)
Penny Ikinger – ‘Kathleen’ (Electra, 2006)
Judy Small – ‘Mothers, Daughters, Wives’ (A Natural Selection, 1982)
Jackie Marshall – ‘You Want What I’ve Got’ (Fight n Flight, 2007)
Jade Imagine – ‘You And I’ (What The Fuck Was I Thinking, 2017)
Julia Jacklin – ‘Leadlight’ (Don’t Let The Kids Win, 2016)
Jess Ribeiro – ‘Hurry Back To Love’ (Kill It Yourself, 2015)
Judith Durham and The Seekers – ‘The Carnival Is Over’ (1965)
Kylie Minogue – ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ (Fever, 2001)
Kate Miller-Heidke – ‘Sarah’ (Nightflight, 2012)
Kasey Chambers – ‘The Captain’ (The Captain, 1999)
Kate Ceberano – ‘Brave’ (Brave, 1989)
Kylie Auldist and Cookin on 3 Burners – ‘This Girl’ (Soul Messin’, 2009)
Lisa Gerrard – ‘Paikea Legend’ (Whalerider OST, 2003)
Laura Jean – ‘Australia’ (A Fool Who’ll, 2011)
Luluc – ‘Little Suitcase’ (Dear Hamlyn, 2008)
Little Ugly Girls – ‘Tractor’ (Little Ugly Girls, 1996)
Little Birdy – ‘Beautiful To Me’ (Big Big Love, 2004)
Totally Mild – ‘When I’m Tired’ (Down Time, 2015)
Love of Diagrams – ‘Double Negative’ (Blast, 2015)
Loose Tooth – ‘Will You’ (Saturn Returns, 2016)
Lisa Miller – ‘I Can’t Tell’ (ft. Tim Rogers) (Version Originale, 2009)
Leonardo’s Bride – ‘Even When I’m Sleeping’ (Angel Blood, 1997)
Macromantics – ‘Physical’ (single, 2007)
Magic Dirt – ‘Dirty Jeans’ (What Are Rockstars Doing Today, 2000)
Mere Women – ‘Numb’ (Big Skies, 2017)
Mia Dyson – ‘When The Moment Comes’ (The Moment, 2012)
Missy Higgins – ‘Scar’ (The Sound Of White, 2004)
Ngaiire – ‘Once’ (Blastoma, 2016)
New Buffalo – ‘Cheer Me Up Thank You’ (Somewhere Anywhere, 2007)
Natalie Imbruglia – ‘Torn’ (Left Of The Middle, 1997)
NUN – ‘Evoke The Sleep’ (NUN, 2014)
Olivia Newton-John – ‘Magic’ (Xanadu, 1980)
Olympia – ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ (Self Talk, 2016)
Ouch My Face – ‘Creep Heart’ (Bunyip, 2015)
The Orbweavers – ‘Spotswood’ (Loom, 2011)
Pikelet – ‘Pressure Cooker’ (Calluses, 2011)
Margaret Roadknight – ‘Girls In Our Town’ (Margaret Roadknight, 1976)
The Red Sun Band – ‘The Devils Song’ (Peapod, 2010)
RVG – ‘A Quality of Mercy’ (A Quality of Mercy, 2017)
Cash Savage And The Last Drinks – ‘Rat A Tat’ (One Of Us, 2016)
Sara Storer – ‘Children of the Gurindji’ (ft. Kev Carmody) (2012)
Leah Senior – ‘Pretty Faces’ (Pretty Faces, 2017)
Sui Zhen – ‘Take It All Back’ (Secretly Susan, 2015)
Sampa The Great – ‘F E M A L E’ (The Great Mixtape, 2015)
The Superjesus – ‘Down Again’ (Sumo, 1998)
Liz Stringer – ‘Anybody’s Language’ (Warm In The Darkness, 2012)
Sia – ‘Chandelier’ (1000 Forms of Fear, 2014)
Spiderbait – ‘Calypso’ (Ivy and the Big Apples, 1996)
Sophie Koh – ‘I Understand’ (Oh My Garden, 2012)
The Spazzys – ‘Paco Doesn’t Love Me’ (Aloha! Go Bananas, 2004)
Tiddas – ‘Maclolm Smith’ (Sing About Life, 1993)
Tinpan Orange – ‘Rich Man’ (Love is a Dog, 2016)
Teeth and Tongue – ‘Good Man’ (Grids, 2014)
Lucie Thorne – ‘As You Find It’ (Black Across the Field, 2008)
Tkay Maidza – ‘Brontosaurus’ (2013)
The Waifs – ‘London Still’ (Up All Night, 2002)

Here’s Jen Cloher, if you have no idea what she looks like!

You’ll know it’s a total great list of songs if you’ve already listened or if not and now new to you viva my blog post today here on this Sunday morning. I don’t know if I would come up with something as cool as this but I do love sharing great music.

If you are interest or not? Now I’m going to tell which acts have made it into my little fave album list I did called ‘Classic Albums’ well, so far. Only one who I can scream SNAP! At which is both album and band is Magic Dirt’s What Are Rock Stars Doing Today but I’ve done posts about another other albums by HTRKSarah Blasko and Kylie Minogue. Four very different artists which is not bad but could be better too, so more to add to my to do list on my blog now. I do have some posts about a lot of the others but I can’t link all posts I’ve done but those are linked, if you wanna click on their names.

They are a few big hit singles but it’s mixed up with lesser known artists tracks, new and old with something for everyone and anyone plus I’ve got to say Jen has such epic taste. It’s over double the length of yesterday’s post in number of songs and is something like six hours long. So I guess, I understand if no-one doesn’t listen to the full list but I will say YOU LOSE in bold caps lock because it’s bloody great but I’ve already said that!

OK, I’ve just got to ask who loves this as much as me?

Cheers 🙂



  1. Thanks for the post William. It’s a great list. It good to see she included some women from the 70s and 80s I used to see back in the day, particularly Margaret Roadnight from the 70s. Jeannie Lewis was also fabulous live in the 70s as well (see ).

    From the 80s, I can’t see Juliet Ward of the Lighthouse Keepers/Widdershins who was one of my favourites, or Andrea Croft of The Honeys, though the other picks are good (Chrissy Amphlett and Do Re Mi particularly).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, I love Lighthouse Keepers too and even got the comp CD called Ode To Nothing from a few years back so now listening to that and off course Widdershins is Juliet Ward again but I don’t know if add that up before. I don’t know Andrea Croft or The Honeys, I will google them/her now. That’s a great house is burning song too so thanks, might listen to more!
      Now that your saying that I will say I can think of a few that are missing too but I should just write some blog posts about them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You got me going on Oz women singers – I’ve listened a lot to some of the 90s women too, particularly Deadstar, Clouds and Falling Joys. But a couple of less known acts from the 60s were the great Flaming Hands with Julie Mostyn ( ) and the even less-known lesbian/feminist ska-influenced band The Stray Dags who I saw via some lesbian friends at the time. There doesn’t seem to be much on them anymore, though there are two tracks from their ‘hit’ single here (though the names are transposed for some reason ). The Numbers were another good woman-fronted early 80s band . Cheers Peter

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeah, 80’s! I know two of them because they’re on that Tales Of Aussie Underground comp albums which we have talked about before! I did say at some point I was going to do a blog post about every song for that so maybe I better do those ones to start this years set from that, hey? I’ll have a listen to the other one this morning sometime too! Thanks yet again and keep them coming, if you like? or is that it?


      3. No that’s about it. The stray dags were pretty low profile band compared to the other two, with just a local Sydney following so I’m not surprised they didn’t make the list. Cheers

        Liked by 1 person

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