Song Lyric Sunday Theme: Madness

Lunacy lyrics by Micheal Gira, as preformed by Swans which is the opening track from the album called The Seer (2012) and the words are these:

In the mind
Of no one
Forming sun
Forming love
Break the chain
Hide within
Not innocent
In no sense
Eat the beast
Keep him in
Take the blame
Speak the name
Hide beneath
Your monkey skin
Feel his love
Nurture him
Kill the truth
Or speak the name
Your childhood is over (is over)


To me with a theme like “Madness” it’s like open season or something? It’s like Helen who runs SLS is waving a red flag at me! Most likely not at all but it’s got me back to joining in this community blog posting but god knows what everyone, anyone will think of this song? You’ve got to pick a total lunatic song with the theme of madness. So if you’ve not catch on yet most people who know me do think I am pretty mad or some other word like that but I really don’t care anymore now.

Well most people have never heard the music by the band called Swans, really but they have a very hard-core, die-hard, cult loving following but as an intro to them for new comers viva this blog post. I’ll say this about them and share a fun story now for you: When playing live the band request live venues to turn off any and all air conditioning even like when the one and only time I did see them live, playing in Melbourne festival in an Aussie summer’s hottest day of the year plus was in pretty much a tin shed also they played the longest set of two and half hours that day but off course I did watched the whole thing because it was the first Aussie tour ever but after drown myself in water like everyone there did. Another fun fact is the earliest live album was even called Public Castration Is A Good Idea. This is the kind-of stuff your in for if you become a fan of this band! I’ve blog about them a bit here like naming Love Of Life as one of my fave albums of all-time by them, linked again but now I’ve just got to included the rest of The Seer album here for anyone who needs it right now!

Hope you all do enjoy my “Madness” song and then some more? Please do let me know what in hell you are thinking about it all if it’s your first time? Or even if are a long time fan?

Cheers 🙂



  1. I think you picked an apt song for the prompt. There were aspects of it that I enjoyed, but there was some of it I didn’t really care for. I do like the lyrics. They remind me of a very very dark and sad poem.

    Thank you so much for participating. I really appreciate your take on the prompt and the introduction to new music!

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    1. Thanks Helen taking time to listen and to listening everyone else songs too! I’m going to try and see if I can do your prompt each weekend this year because this is so much fun, you know? Plus try no to worry that no one listened to my pick from now on too 🙂

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  2. Great song for the prompt! I’ve never heard of the Swans, before, but they have some really cool music. I listened to the whole Lunacy one, and parts of all the others you showed. I do like the music because it is kind of scary and creepy! I enjoyed the bits I heard of Mother of the World, and the Seer, too. Well, all of them, actually. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Oh, cool you liked it! Cheers and yeah scary and creepy are pretty perfect words to describe Swans! BTW it’s Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs singing Song For The Warrior if you got that far? It’s got a song that goes for half an hour too but if you do buy in on CD is’t a double and on vinyl on triple album set too!
      Cheers again!

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  3. I love this song. It has a Syd Barret era Pink Floyd vibe about it. Such a great start to the album. The Seer is probably my favourite of their recent run of triple albums, although To Be Kind is just as good. The Glowing Man is great too, but almost too much of a good thing with so much music in such a short space of time. The other two were a tough act to follow.

    I was at that ATP in Altona. Didn’t have a very fun time on that first day thanks to the heat, which was a shame as there were some amazing bands playing. At least I got to see Swans!

    I’ll cover Swans on my site eventually. Still not sure which album to do. The early stuff is certainly ugly. My favourite by them is probably Children of God, so I might write about that one. Then again, Soundtracks for the Blind is probably their strangest one. Decisions, decisions…

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    1. Oh yeah, I think I would say The Seer and To Be Kind as the best of all those new ones maybe because they did play bits from both at ATP!
      We have somewhere talked about that fest before, haven’t we? I’ve got like three posts sitting in my drafts about that, you know? Should finish them and post them sometime!
      I’ll be very interested in your final decision!
      Cheers Cristian 🙂


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